The First Phase of the 53,6 Kilometer Bicycle Road Project in Ankara Has Been Launched

Photo: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality

📩 17/08/2020 10:47

The first phase of the "Bicycle Road Project", one of the election promises of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş and one of its important projects, has been completed. Thanks to Mayor Yavaş, bicycle enthusiasts started to cycle between the Anıtpark-Beşevler junction of the National Library-Anıtkabir route.

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, has implemented one of his election promises.

The 53,6-meter part of the first phase of the 400-kilometer bicycle path project was completed in a short time. Within the scope of the project carried out by the General Directorate of EGO, the teams of the Department of Technical Affairs opened the section between Anıtpark-Beşevler intersection of the 1st stage on the National Library-Anıtkabir route.


Cyclists, who started to cycle on the bicycle path, expressed their gratitude to Ankara for the "Bicycle Path Project" initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş, stating that the lack of bicycle paths that have not been built for years caused casualties.

Many bicycle enthusiasts who came to ride bicycles in the first place did not forget Umut Gündüz, who died in a traffic accident in the past weeks. Cyclists from the Capital, who started a campaign to increase the awareness of cyclists on social media by saying “#UmutaSesOl”, supported Mayor Yavaş's “Bicycle Path Project” by using the bicycle path.

Menderes Gündüz stated that he was very pleased to see that most of the first stage of 2 meters was completed, and called on Mayor Yavaş to name his son on the bicycle path with the following words:

“My son Umut Gündüz passed away 26 days ago when an alcoholic driver hit and run away. He was someone who was closely interested in Ankara's cycling problems. He was also following this project closely. He often gave us good news about this project. We were very hopeful because this project was included in the election promises of our Mansur president. He tried very hard, but he could not see this way. As his family, we follow the project closely. We will actively try to keep Umut's remaining bike alive here. The project is very good and if this project had been done in previous years, maybe Umut would be alive today. We would like to thank Mansur President for bringing this project to life and making it a brave start. Since we think that the name of one of these bicycle paths as Umut Gündüz will alleviate our pain to some extent, we have such a request.


The Metropolitan Municipality provided security by separating the first stage of the bicycle path project, which consists of 9 stages, from vehicle traffic with barriers and lines.

7 out of 70 citizens, who started using the bicycle path from the first day and showed great interest, thanked Mayor Yavaş and expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

  • Kadir İspirli (Ankara City Council Bicycle Council President): “I wish the bicycle path to be beneficial for Ankara. We would like to thank President Mansur Yavaş, who started this path that we have been waiting for and struggling for for many years. Thanks to the bicycle path, we will have a safe journey because we experience many accidents due to unconscious drivers in traffic. Bicycle road is a first for Ankara, we will claim this road together. "
  • Nevzat Helvacıoğlu (Ankara Nature Cycling Sports Association Member): “We thank Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş for providing this service to us. We use bicycles in our daily lives, we do not use any other vehicles, these roads are very important for us. "
  • Meltem Alkaş Görür: “I use the bicycle actively in my daily life. I would like to thank Mansur Yavaş for the importance and value he gave to us. We are a volunteer women's group in Ankara and we voluntarily train women who do not know how to ride bicycles with our own bicycles. They reach us on social media through the pages of 'Pedal Women Ankara'. This road is very valuable for us to be able to drive safely, we hope all stages will be completed as soon as possible. "
  • Onur Şanlı: “We were very pleased as Ankara's first bicycle route. We especially came here to see the bicycle path. I come here on a 25-kilometer road, we say "get out of the car, get on a bike". I would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş for bringing this project to life. "
  • Tekin Yolcu: “I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project, especially Mansur Yavaş. We use the bicycle as a means of transportation in our daily life. The safety of the roads is very important to us. "
  • Şüheda Yolcu: “The bicycle path is very nice. I think these roads are encouraging for bicycle transportation. We would like to thank President Yavaş and everyone who contributed. "
  • Vehbi Gözay: “I think that this project has taken another step towards a healthy life. We thank Mayor Yavaş very much. "

Following the National Library-Anıtkabir bicycle path route in the first phase, which was started to be built, the other routes planned to be built are as follows:

  1. Stage-Universities Route,
  2. Stage -Ümitköy-Etimesgut Route,
  3. Stage -Sıhhiye-Cebeci Route,
  4. Stage -TOBB Route,
  5. Stage - Eryaman West Route,
  6. Stage -Eryaman Göksu Route,
  7. Stage -Batıkent-İvedik Ostim Route,
  8. Stage -Ankara Metropolitan Municipality- AKM Route

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