Electronic Book of President Soyer's First 500 Days Released

The electronic book prepared by M. Ayhan Kara, who tells about the first five hundred days of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer through his social media posts, has been published. To ebook We are Izmir digital platformsAvailable from.

On the fifth hundredth day of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer's inauguration, the e-book "The First 500 Days" was published. The e-book, which explains the actions of Mayor Tunç Soyer through his social media posts, is under the titles of infrastructure, quality of life, economy, democracy, nature, learning by living and culture and arts, which are also included in the 2020-2024 Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Strategic Plan. conveys.

Preface from Chairman Soyer

The preface of the book written by Mayor Tunç Soyer includes the following statements: “500 days have passed since I took the mandate. 'What remained in your mind most in 500 days?' If you say without thinking about it, I would say, 'Solidarity that warms the hearts of the Izmirians in the burning days of the epidemic, and friendship remained' ... 'The devotion of my colleagues and volunteers who have put into practice the crisis municipality forever' ... This ebook will hopefully give you an idea of ​​what we have done and what to do. I would also like to mention that. In my remaining tenure, nobody should doubt that we will implement very good services for this wonderful city in the light of social and democratic principles of municipalism, with your support. "

We are in Izmir digital platforms

"First 500 daysThe electronic book can be accessed on Biz Izmir digital platforms. In order to access the book, first of all, it is necessary to click on the "Transparent İzmir" tab on the main page and the "President" box on the page that opens. After clicking on “What we did in the first 500 days in İzmir”, the e-book prepared by M. Ayhan Kara opens on the screen.

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