Pre-Permit Requirement Removed in Lemon Exports

Ten permits for lemon exports Removed
Ten permits for lemon exports Removed

During the pandemic period, the export restriction on lemon, whose consumption increased and the kilogram price increased to 18 liras, was lifted with the decision published in the Official Gazette.

Hayrettin Uçak, President of the Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association, reminded that with the decision published in the Official Gazette on April 7, the export of lemon is subject to the prior authorization of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

“This decision was valid until 31 August. However, the Ministry of Commerce abolished the pre-authorization requirement before the deadline. Lemon consumption increased due to the intense demand to meet the need for vitamin C, which strengthens immunity during the pandemic. So prices suddenly rose. It was the product with the highest price increase of almost 50 percent in the markets in March. Our ministries took precautions with the principle of protecting both the producer and the consumer, and made lemon export preliminary. Later, prices returned to normal levels. During the pandemic days, many countries restricted food exports. It was one of the measures taken by the whole world in our country. The biggest expectation of our manufacturers, exporters, is to realize a planned sustainable production and consumption. This sensitivity shown in order not to lose the existing markets before the new season has been welcomed by all parties. In this way, our producer will get the reward of his labor. "

Mentioning that half of the 2019 thousand tons of lemons produced in 950 were exported, Uçak added that by sending 66 thousand tons of lemons to 476 countries, the figure reached 245 million dollars.

“Countries with the highest lemon exports in 2019; Russia with $ 65 million, Iraq $ 29 million, Saudi Arabia $ 20 million, Romania $ 18 million, Ukraine $ 17 million, Bulgaria with $ 13 million, Serbia and Poland with $ 11 million, the United Arab Emirates with $ 6 million. In the first 2020 months of 7, we sent 150 thousand tons of lemons to 60 countries and exported $ 93 million. We will see the positive impact and positive reflections of this decision on our exports. Lemon exports will reach even better points in the future. We aim to capture the 2018 million dollar export figure we caught in 330, this year. Russia with $ 31 million, Iraq with $ 9 million, Ukraine and Romania with $ 8 million, and Saudi Arabia with $ 7 million are among the top 5 countries to which we exported the most exports in the January-July period.



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