Public Transportation Transfer Time In Izmir Increases From 90 Minutes To 120 Minutes

Public transportation transfer time in izmir increases from minute to minute
Public transportation transfer time in izmir increases from minute to minute

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer responded to the allegations that the 90-minute transfer system applied in public transportation will be removed with a statement he made on his social media account. President Soyer said that with the envisaged change, the 90-minute transfer time will be increased to 120 minutes, and 0.50 TL will be charged for the second and third boardings. Soyer announced that a discount of 10 cents will be made for single boarding passes.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer made a statement on his social media accounts regarding the changes foreseen to be made in the transit system. Saying that 63 percent of the passengers in public transport will travel under more economical conditions thanks to the new system, Soyer said:

“With the change we will make in the public transportation pricing system, we are extending the 90 minutes transfer time to 120 minutes. We are reducing the single boarding fee by 10 kurus and reducing it from 3,56 TL to 3,46 TL. While the first two transfers will be charged 50 kurus each, subsequent transfers will be free. There was no change in the tariffs for students, teachers and 60 years old, and transfers were not charged. In addition, between 05.00-07.00 and 19.00-20.00, the Public Vehicle Application with 50 percent discount, especially for the working segment, continues. According to the data obtained from the electronic fare collection system, only 37 percent of all boarding passes in public transportation in İzmir are within the scope of 'transfer'. The remaining 63 percent will find cheaper transportation with the new system. The decreasing number of passengers and increasing costs during the pandemic made it impossible to continue public transportation in its current form. Our requests such as zeroing the SCT and transferring funds from the general budget have remained unanswered until today. Despite all this negative picture, the rate of increase is only 5,6 percent.

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