Overpayment for Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project! Cannot Be Taken Back For 13 Years

Within the scope of the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project, a company was paid 6 million 398 thousand liras more. TCDD has not been able to receive the money, which reaches 8 million lira with the interest, for 13 years.

According to the report of Emin Özgönül from SÖZCÜ; "The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), a company that makes fast train project sued to get back 6.3 million pounds. The irregularity case determined by the Court of Accounts has not been concluded for 13 years.

In the infrastructure business of İnönü-Eskişehir section within the scope of Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project, an excess payment of 6 million 398 thousand liras was made to the company. Although TCDD requests this money, which reaches 8 million liras with interest, it has not been able to receive it for 13 years. In the contract signed with the contractor company for the infrastructure work of the İnönü-Eskişehir section, which was tendered for 2005 million 19 thousand 944 liras for the Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train project in 429, no separate price was charged for the filling.

While the work was going on, it became clear that the excavation had to be done, and a total of 2007 million 6 thousand 398 TL was paid to the company in 436 outside the contract. However, in 2013, the Court of Accounts requested that the monetary account made in this payment was irregular and wrong, and the money paid together with the interest was 8 million 11 thousand 652 liras from the company. The contractor firm rejected this request in 2014. Thereupon, TCDD filed a lawsuit with the Ankara Commercial Court of First Instance.


During the trial, the first expert report was in favor of TCDD, and the second expert report was in favor of the company. Upon objections, the third expert report was prepared and this report was in favor of the company. At the hearing on November 2, 3, the court rejected the case. TCDD then applied for appeal and appeal. While this process continues, the TCDD report submitted to the TBMM KIT Commission said, "The lawsuit filed for the collection of the overpayment from the contractor firm by arranging a special unit price analysis within the framework of the works not included in the contract should be followed carefully."

'They are chasing TCDD'

Parliamentary KIT Commission member and CHP Zonguldak Deputy Deniz Yavuzyılmaz told SÖZCÜ, “Expert games in such cases do not end. What happens is TCDD. TCDD's loss in 2018 is 2 billion 558 million liras. The vital problems in TCDD are listed in the TCA report. Tenders are not transparent, infrastructure projects are faulty, material discovery lists are missing, programs are not realistic. The works are completed in 4 times the estimated time. Supporting companies are also after how to send TCDD, ”he said.

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