'Normalization Support' will be given to Workplaces and Employees

Photograph: Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, said, “We will continue to support our workplaces and employees whose work has come to a halt during the COVID-19 pandemic under the name of 'Normalization Support'. Thus, we will continue to protect employment with the support of normalization. " said.

Reminding that the Normalization Support was enacted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly and entered into force on 1 August, Minister Selçuk made statements regarding the details of the support.

Minister Selçuk stated that the insured persons who have applied for short-time work allowance or cash wage support until 1 July 2020, and who benefit from short-time work allowance or cash wage support, can benefit from the normal working order, if they switch to normal working order. Minister Selçuk said, “In this context, we will set off the average number of days in short work or unpaid leave per month and the employee and employer premium calculated on the minimum wage, provided that it does not exceed 3 months from the month following the end of short work and cash wage support. . ” said.

With its publication in the Official Gazette, the Normalization Support will be extended by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for up to 6 months to cover sectoral or all sectors.

Support for Employers who have switched to a Normal Working Order

Providing information on the amount to be paid within the scope of the Normalization Support and how to benefit from the support, Minister Selçuk said: “In case the average number of days per month that the employee who switches to normal working order receives short work allowance or cash wage support is 30 days; 1.103,63 TL will be deducted from the premiums that the employers will pay to SSI.

For the insured who return to their normal working order and continue to work in August, SGK premium documents will be issued between 1-26 September 2020. In this context, a definition screen will be opened for employers by SSI on 25 August. "

Applications will be made on the SSI System

Minister Selçuk noted that it would be sufficient for workplaces to benefit from normalization support to apply via e-SGK and explained the steps to be followed by the employers as follows: The Employer System / Insured Identification to Benefit from Incentives will be able to perform its transactions from the 'Law No. 7252 4447 Temporary Article 26 Support' menu on the screen. "



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