Commemoration Ceremony Held For The 105th Anniversary Of Anafartalar Victory

Memorial ceremony was held due to the anniversary of the Anafartalar victory
Memorial ceremony was held due to the anniversary of the Anafartalar victory

A ceremony was held in Conkbayırı on the Gallipoli Peninsula for the 105th anniversary of the Anafartalar Victory.

At the ceremony held with a limited number of participants, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Ahmet Misbah Demircan, Çanakkale Governor İlhami Aktaş, Gallipoli 2nd Corps Commander Lieutenant General Zekai Aksakallı, Australian Military Attache Colonel Richard Campbell, Colonel Piers Strudwick representing the United Kingdom and İsmail Kaşdemir A wreath was presented to his monument.

Later, at the ceremony, where a minute of silence was held, the Turkish National Anthem was read and the Turkish flag was hoisted.

The ceremony ended after Eceabat District Mufti Sinan Çetin read the prayer.

Eceabat District Governor Hasan Ongu, Deputy Commander of Çanakkale Strait and Garrison Colonel Cem Edip Avcı, Deputy Mayor of Çanakkale Süleyman Canpolat and a limited number of guests attended the ceremony.

Within the scope of the 105th anniversary events of the Anafartalar Victory, “Martyr Major Ali Faik Bey” exhibition consisting of personal belongings of Major Ali Faik Bey, who was martyred in the Çanakkale War, was also opened.

The documentary titled "Martyr Major Ali Faik Bey" was screened at the opening of the Çanakkale Epic Promotion Center. After the screening, the exhibition with Ali Faik Bey's belongings was presented to the impression.

Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Ahmet Misbah Demircan, in his speech at the ceremony, said that Çanakkale is an exceptional land.

"We have existed for thousands of years in this geography that makes the homeland a homeland, the nation a nation, and the flag as a flag." Demircan said:

“But it is not possible for us to understand and perceive our national integrity and social existence without understanding the Çanakkale Wars, which once again made this place our homeland and once again made its presence felt in these lands with our glorious flag. There is always a scuffle in the world. Of course we want peace. But of course, by protecting these places, where the spirit of telling that we will not give our homeland to anyone, when the day comes, by living and most importantly by making our young people feel this place, by telling what happened here, of course.

Deputy Minister Demircan underlined that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism give great value to the region.

Expressing that investments in the region play a very important role in the development and recognition of the peninsula in this context, Deputy Minister Demircan said:

“From now on, we need to introduce this place to all our children with exhibitions here and all over the country. We are in such a geography of the world that we are always faced with threats that take positions and ambush us around us. Here are the troubles we experience on our southern fronts, on our borders. That is to say, we are in a geography where we are always awake and where we must take it as our duty to live the Çanakkale spirit within us. Çanakkale is our most important historical value that will always keep us together. "

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