Kemal Can Ocak Took An Impressive Railway Photo

Kemal Can Ocak
Kemal Can Ocak

Award-winning Turkish photographer and famous wine critic Kemal Can OCAK took an impressive photo on the railway.
In his photography series called wineisanart, Kemal created a new style by blending the goblet and nature in a single photograph. He added a new photo to this series by taking his last photo on a rail.

Kemal Can, "I like to use roads and different transportation routes in my photographs." He continued: “We can connect with our loved ones thanks to the transportation routes and I am happy to be able to give this message in the wineisanart photo series. With this photo I took on the railway, I completed the railroad photograph that was missing in my series. "

Here is the photo taken by Kemal Can OCAK and shared with our readers.

He added, "This photo was taken on a railroad that was safe and closed."

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