Izmir Electric Mini Car ZOOP Period Started

Electric Mini Car ZOOP
Electric Mini Car ZOOP

The electric mini vehicles of a technology company operating in Izmir set out on the road through the vehicle sharing platform ZOOP developed by the same company.

A new world in recent years both in the ecosystem can make a difference in Turkey increased car sharing platform has been added by a technology company based in Izmir.

The electric mini vehicle that the company has already developed has been combined with the vehicle sharing platform ZOOP, which is also developed by the young brains of the company.

In vehicles that can speed up to 70 kilometers per hour, it travels with lithium-ion batteries. Vehicles that can be recharged in 220 volt currents, which are also used in homes, take a significant part of their energy from the sun through the panels located on the top.

The key to the vehicle, which can go about 100 kilometers on a single charge, is the mobile application called ZOOP which is downloaded from the internet. The door of the vehicle opens with the application. In the vehicle operating on the touch screen inside the vehicle, the forward and reverse gears are also adjusted via this touch screen. In mini electric vehicles that give a message to the user with the lights on it, green light is 'leasable', blue light means 'in use' and red light means 'insufficient charge'.

Vehicles with smart guide and navigation feature are suitable for 2 people to use.

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