If You Say 'I Have An Idea For Distance Education' Here Is The Opportunity

distance-education-I have an idea
distance-education-I have an idea
Not only for Turkey, it was also a new experience for the world on a national scale "distance learning"

On February 19, 10, when Covid-2020 was not yet known as a global epidemic, the Ministry of National Education, which strengthened the Education Information Network EBA infrastructure with artificial intelligence systems in line with the "Justice of Opportunity in Education" approach, the first countries in the world to start distance education after the interruption of education in schools with the epidemic process. took its place between.

Distance education with the number of hits during the approximately 3,1 billion EBA, the 10th most visited site in Turkey and in the world was the 3rd most visited site training. The EBA Mobile application has reached 16.7 million downloads for Android devices and 1.8 million downloads for IOS devices. During the distance education process, 7 million 383 thousand 213 students and 1 million 30 thousand 516 teachers benefited from EBA. 1 million 170 thousand 168 students and 189 thousand 477 teachers actively used EBA Academic Support and gave 5 million 954 thousand 174 EBA live lessons. In this process, over 8 million students benefited from the internet platform.

Thanks to the fast and strong cooperation with TRT and Türksat, 3 separate television channels, TRT EBA TV Primary School, TRT EBA TV Secondary School and TRT EBA TV High School, were put into service. He published an original program generation that includes teachers and families, inspired by all the colors of school life, in order to keep students connected with their school and lessons.

Between 23 March 2020 - 19 June 2020, a total of 2 hours of broadcasting was broadcast from EBA TV Primary School, EBA TV Secondary School and EBA TV High School channels, and for these broadcasts, 516 separate studios were shot in Ankara and Istanbul. While 10 teachers from 93 branches took part in the filming, 674 thousand 2 lesson videos and 358 activity videos were prepared.

Within a short time the sweat of thousands of people trapped behind the great success and labor, Turkey has the power of ideas in this area. New era in Turkey's remote training infrastructure required content and technical aspects of a new vision and perspective Ministry of National Education reinforces the point, "an idea of ​​Distance Education Yes" calls the "In this regard I have to say my say." and brought together representatives of society, who said, at the meeting in Ankara.

Opening the meeting, Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk said, “We are holding this meeting to evaluate the distance education experiences in the COVID-19 process and to get your views on the policies of the Ministry. As you witnessed here, we were able to invite very few experts, due to the known epidemic. However, in Turkey there are so many of our people ... we can not invite the competent Unfortunately the majority. " said.

Minister Selçuk addressed everyone who said “I Have an Idea for Distance Education”: “It's not just experts; All teachers, school administrators and families have very unique ideas. We opened the "I Have An Idea For Distance Education" sharing site in order to benefit from each of them. Every citizen can write his opinion on distance education here. We need everyone's opinion. "

"It should reflect the warmth and sincerity of the school rather than just a platform where course contents are presented."
Pointing out that the humanitarian, conscientious and moral aspects of the distance education process are as important as the practices and figures, Minister Selçuk said, “We think that some subtleties should not be lost in distance education, and even more attention should be paid to these subtleties. School is not only a 'taught' place, but also a place to live… Distance education should be just like a school. It should reflect the warmth and sincerity of the school rather than just a platform where course contents are presented. said.

You also "Remote Education I Have an Idea" share your ideas by visiting the site can write to the Ministry of Education and it is the responsibility of the partners can provide valuable contributions to Turkey's distance education: distanceegitimebirfikrimvar.meb.gov.tr



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