How Should Our Money Usage Habits Be During the Global Pandemic?

Pelin Narin Tekinsoy

Kovid-19, which took the whole world under its influence, the pandemic that followed and the cautious normalization process we are in, people's daily life routines and money usage patterns have changed considerably. Fluctuations in the economy create confusion among consumers in terms of using their money and investment. In order to manage the process carefully and logically, Pelin Narin Tekinsoy, Professional Money Coach, explained the emotional reasons underlying our desire to spend money and made suggestions.

During the global epidemic, people's mood and money use behaviors can vary. Pelin Narin Tekinsoy explained what we need to know while spending money in this period and every period of our lives as follows: “Coaching is completely aimed at individual goals in terms of its field of study. For this reason, I care that the person acts correctly financially. This is through individuals controlling their emotions. Even though this is called acting rationally in a common language, we cannot act wisely as we always say. Especially in the epidemic environment we are in.

The first reason we can't act rationally is; our concern for survival. Because we are afraid of dying. The thought of losing our lives without time creates anxiety while sincerely dragging us into uncertainty. We unconsciously panic, thinking "There is a lot more to do." This state of ours leads us to misuse of money, albeit daily.

Second, many of us are still adults who cannot control our emotions. What does this mean? There is a part of us that is still a child. “How bad is this!” you can say. But that's the immature part of us, our soft belly. Maturing your emotions creates the fear that it will take away your childlike side, and it always leaves us stumped. On the contrary, have a childlike side. But that child is capable of looking at life when he is mature. kazantest.

Third, it is important for big brands to survive and survive just like us. For this reason, they do not want to take us out of time travel where we will constantly dream of the good days in the past. Using that childlike side of us they leave us in the past, in the familiar past feelings we feel good about. This reason also makes us panic. New products that make our old senses feel, push us to spend money.

Emotional maturation is important, after all. If we want to manage our money, we must learn to watch life from outside. Especially in cases of global epidemics, as we try to take careful steps in issues such as health and education, we should also do research to manage and protect our budget correctly and realize the emotional reasons that always push us to spend more. Your temper is now more important than ever. "

Pelin Narin Tekinsoy gave place to more explanations and suggestions about money usage habits, underlying reasons and correct budget management in her book titled “Money Coaching –Tamen Emotional”.

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