Group Roads Are Asphalted In Tarsus

Group roads are paved in Tarsus
Group roads are paved in Tarsus

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues its asphalt attack at every point in its area of ​​responsibility. With the warming of the weather, Metropolitan teams focusing on the asphalting works especially on rural neighborhood roads, paved the group road connecting Pirömerli, Dorak, Tepetaşpınar, Boztepe and Böğrüeğri, rural neighborhoods of Tarsus, which have been waiting for a solution for many years and have been a problem for the citizens living in the region.

Since the day he took office, Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer, acting with the principle of equal service to every citizen and serving all settlements from plain to rural areas, eliminates the problems that have not been addressed for many years and await a solution. The road maintenance teams of the Metropolitan Municipality Tarsus-Çamlıyayla Branch Office carried out a paving work on the group road that connects Pirömerli, Dorak, Tepetaşpınar, Boztepe and Böğrüeğri neighborhoods, which are located in the rural area of ​​Tarsus and damaged during the harsh winter months, and used by other settlements in the vicinity.

The teams, which have been working on soil arrangement, tightening, widening, stocking and ground filling on the road in question, carried out double layer surface coating activities on the approximately 15-kilometer road.

Muhtars thanked Mayor Seçer for his services

Boztepe Neighborhood Headman Kenan Toros stated that they are very happy with the asphalting of the group road and said, “I would like to thank our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer, the Metropolitan Coordinator Mr. Ali Boltaç and the team chiefs for their services”.

The head of Tepetaşpınarı, Mehmet Ali Demir, stated that there were serious wear and tear on the road due to natural disasters, especially in winter, and said, “There were really serious wear and troughs on the group road. Metropolitan teams eliminated the problems with diligent work and paved our way, ”he said.

Dorak Neighborhood Headman, Mustafa Borluoğlu said, “Our roads have been quite rough for the last two years. We conveyed the situation to the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Vahap Seçer. Then the investigation was done and the work was started and paved. I express my gratitude on behalf of the people of the neighborhood and on behalf of me ”.

Bilal Koçak, the head of Pir Ömerli Neighborhood, expressed his gratitude for the disappearance of these problems with the asphalting on the road where problems were encountered due to mud in winter and dust in summer.

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