Farewell to Trolleybuses Running in Moscow Since 1933

Farewell to Trolleybuses Working in Moscow Since 1933
Farewell to Trolleybuses Working in Moscow Since 1933

“If the list of elements that paralyze the traffic in the center of Moscow is made, trolleybuses will definitely find their place at the top of the list ... Veteran trolleybuses, most of which are museum-aged, are not the solution for a modern city with their cables that frequently break while maneuvering, and their clumsiness that blocks a lane for hours when they break down. Its source… For years, it has been said, written, drawn, but the streets are still not crossed by trolleybuses in Moscow… Finally, a step is taken in this regard: Moscow is preparing to remove many trolleybus lines in the city center. "

This news was published on TürkRus.Com 4 years ago.

And finally, Moscow Municipality announced that symbolically "only 1" trolleybus line remained in the capital, and all the remaining lines were closed. Trolleybuses had been operating in Moscow since 1933.

Trolleybuses, which were the subject of movies and songs and an important part of Moscow history, finally succumbed to the "spirit of the time" and bid farewell to the roads. Electric buses will now travel on all lines where trolleybuses used to operate. The number of electric buses, which is currently 450 in Moscow, will be 600 by the end of the year, and 2024 in 2.

The only surviving trolleybus line will continue to operate between Komsomolski Ploshad and Novoryazanski Ulitsa, and there will be nostalgic voyages with the "retro" trolleybus. This choice is not accidental: This line ends at the trolleybus park, which was opened in 1937. A trolleybus museum will soon be opened in this area.

Source: turkrus

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