Excitement Increases for Granfondo Bursa

The excitement for GranFondo Bursa, which will be organized under the auspices of the Metropolitan Municipality, by Büyükşehir Belediyespor and under the communication sponsorship of Turkcell, on August 30, increased. After the pandemic process of Turkey's compliance with the rules of social distance, improved health measures will be the first international cycling race organization to participate in domestic and foreign bisikletsev about 2 thousand.

The countdown has begun for the first social-haul international cycling race in Turkey. Organized by the Metropolitan Belediyespor Club under the auspices of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and with the communication sponsorship of Turkcell, GranFondo Bursa will be held on the 30th of August Victory Day. The start of the organization, which will be attended by nearly 2 thousand local and foreign bicycle lovers, will be given from Bursa Public Garden. Cyclists who will pass through Altıparmak and Osmangazi will also complete the track in Bursa Public Garden. GranFondo Bursa, which will be held in 5 categories: short race, long race, paralympic short race, paralympic long race and national long race, will be held with the slogan 'Feel victory in your heart, power on your pedal'.

Mask will be worn until the real start

At the symbolic start of GranFondo Bursa, where the athletes will start from the divided lines at the start, the masks will also be on. In the organization, where health measures in the area were increased 10 times, athlete resting areas will also be prepared in accordance with social distance rules.

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