Electric Bicycle and Electric Scooter Regulation Will Be Created With Common Mind

Electric Bicycle and Electric Scooter Regulation Will Be Created With Common Mind
Electric Bicycle and Electric Scooter Regulation Will Be Created With Common Mind

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure will standardize micro-mobility systems such as electric bicycles and electric scooters. The Micro Mobility Focus Group Meeting aimed at determining these standards was held with the participation of stakeholders in the sector. The data obtained from the meetings and the recommendations of the sector representatives will be discussed at the Micro Mobility Common Mind Meeting, which will be attended by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adil Karaismailoğlu, on 28 August.

Under the coordination of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the Micro Mobility Focus Group Meeting on electric bicycles and electric scooters was held yesterday with the participation of sector representatives. At the meeting held online in two sessions with the instruction of the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adil Karaismailoğlu, national and international titles, adding movement and freedom to city life, the future of modern micro transport systems, the current situation of the sector and the standards to be met, were discussed in detail.

"What are the importance of micro-mobility in urban transportation, its positive effects, changes in this area, global developments and trends?" and "What should be the scope of the legislative work necessary for the efficient and safe establishment and execution of the micro-mobility system?" questions to answer sought sessions Transport and Infrastructure Ministry of Environment and as well as representatives from the Ministry of Urbanism, Information Technology Communications Authority, Police Headquarters, Turkey Union of Municipalities, MUSIAD, ITU, Bandirma September 17th University and TÜSİAD as well as nationally in; Bin Transportation and Smart City Technologies Inc. , Rascal Electric Scooters, Seagull Tech, Palm Tech, ETKU, HOP! Scooters, Bizero, DUCKT, Yapıdrom, Kumru Scooter, Eşarj - Electric Vehicles Charger Systems Inc. As an international participant; Technische Universitat Berlin, Bird, Voi Technology and Wind Mobilty attended.

Industry-specific standards will be set

Speaking at the meeting, Yunus Emre Ayözen, Head of the Strategy Department of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, stated that the three important focuses they have determined in line with the vision and strategy of the Ministry are mobility, logistics and digitalization, and that they see the most important element as mobility. Ayözen said, “We will expect you to contribute to the vision to be determined by our Ministry with a participatory democracy in order to guide our work on micromobility, especially with the stakeholders of this business. In the coming weeks, we will have held another session with the participation of our Minister, in which the outcome of this work will be determined and a declaration will be made ”.

Ayözen stated that a standard should be introduced for micro-mobility systems and that the meeting held under the coordination of the Ministry will constitute the basis for the establishment of the said standards and said, “The reports we will issue with the valuable participation of our sector representatives will be brought into a regulation after sharing with our Minister. Together with our relevant ministries, we will set the standard for this work on behalf of our country in this context, ”he said.

Esma Dilek, Deputy General Manager of Communications of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, emphasized that there was an increase in non-intermediary transportation modes after Kovid-19, therefore they took an active role in order to strengthen the gap on the regulatory side, and said, “As the Ministry, we are in the Kovid -19 "We believe that we should take an active role in introducing people to people as a solution that can meet their individual transportation needs and offering them as an option."

Musa Yazıcı, head of the Mobility Department of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, emphasized the importance of providing public transport integration and said that the future role of micromobility vehicles should be well understood and studies should be done accordingly.

Head of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Department of Bandırma University Prof. Dr. In his speech, Mehmet Tektaş said, "It will be a very serious contribution to transferring all cargo vehicles to micro mobility vehicles in urban buildings and using environmental and human friendly vehicles." The CEO of Martı, Oğuz Alper Öktem, shared the data that 42 percent of the trips start or end at a public transportation stop, and said that the system is a serious complementary transportation and is highly preferred for short distances. Öktem emphasized that in safety statistics, the rate of injury and fatal accidents is much better than Europe and America, and the 18-kilometer speed limit and 18 age limit are very important.

Micro Mobility Tools Important For The Environment

Nazan Özyürek, Head of Air Management Department from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, emphasized that the positive advantages of vehicles such as e-scooters to air pollution are not only related to greenhouse emissions, but also that they do not emit exhaust and reduce the density of vehicles in the city center, and said, “When it comes to regulation, Proposing a dedicated cycle path is not a permanent solution. Instead, it becomes more important to create cycling master plans. As the Ministry of Environment, micromobility has some programs for local governments regarding the expansion of bicycle paths. One of the main pillars of our incentive in this context is the issue of improving air quality in city centers ”.

If Turkey Union of Municipalities Deputy Secretary General Ramazan Özcan Yıldırım Municipality of one of the most important actors in this regard and this kind of use of tools in every sense, stating that the primary responsibility, so you should make the necessary incentives and expeditious manner, he noted an importance to fill in the relevant regulations space with it.

Standardization and inspection required

Palm Tech, ETKU, HOP! Other stakeholders of the industry, such as Scooters, Bizero, DUCKT, Yapıdrom, Kumru Scooter, Eşarj - Electric Vehicles Charging Systems, also emphasize the importance of developing a standardization to strengthen small investors, the importance of limitations such as speed limit, age limit, digital driver's license, data sharing and both municipalities and municipalities. They emphasized the necessity of working in coordination with the central government and the need for studies to create a data pool.

Prof. Dr. Hamid Mostofi from Technische Universitat Berlin, Bird Deputy General Manager Patrick Studener, Wind Mobility Policy, Communication and Sustainability Head Catriona Meehan, Public Policy Manager Christoph Egels and Investment Project Manager Zeki Emre Thompson joined.

Emphasizing that there are millions of people who adopt electric micro-mobility, Bird Deputy General Manager Patrick Studener said that they are working to make scooters more accessible and safe, they are working to reduce car travel, reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, and make our towns and cities more livable for everyone all over the world. He emphasized that it is very important to be taken. Hamid Mostofi from Technische Universitat Berlin emphasized the importance of targeting small and large regulations in the long and short term, and moving towards realistic, environmentally friendly sustainable goals and people in the center while setting these targets.

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