Bursa City Square Terminal Tram Line Supply Tender Result

Last week BigşCity MunicipalityWe have seen from the news that it was reported that a supply tender was made to complete a contractor-driven rail system investment in the heart of the city.

However, in the content of the news, it was not written who won the tender, how much it was awarded and which companies participated. This was incomplete news for our profession.

Obviously, BigşCity Municipality He refrained from revealing the name of the company before the contract was signed on justified grounds.

We learned about the company that won the tender yesterday.

Kent Squareı-Terminal will work between T-2 lineıthe unfinished construction of Bursaray'of Kestel lineıBursalı who also undertook they Öztimur To finish.

I think the job has been recourse to its original.

Because; The first to bid on the project kazanthat was the company.

But, Kamu İTender AuthorityThe business was out of hand as a result of the objection to

BigşCity Municipality'to the tender opened by the invitation method 8 The firm submitted an offer.

The two Ankaraı Among the companies with Bursa Icon-Ergunler in partnership with TEKFENWe learned that there is also.

the tender 31,4 million poundsya They Öztimur 'It is stated that he stayed.

Öztimurlar will complete only the remaining construction works on the T-2 line. It will finish half construction work such as track laying, ballast laying and masonry.

It is said that the Metropolitan Municipality will also make a new tender for the electricity and electrification works of the line. The trams that will work on this line were years ago DurmazlarIt was purchased from.

On the other hand;
The tender for the supply of the T-2 line kazanan they Öztimur s BigşCity Municipality between just contract will be signed on the day.

the tender Bursalıı We are glad that he stayed in the company.

Because the Bursa residents of the foreign company that received the first tender with an objection and left the project in the middle and BigşCity MunicipalityIt is obvious how he got into trouble.

We hope things go well this time.

İIstanbul RoadThe half project in is completed within the given deadline and opened to public use.

On the other hand;
They Öztimur, 2017'also Make SURı'S 4 million poundsIt started to be built with a commitment to donate, and it was left unfinished because no payment was made from the company to the Metropolitan Medicana Hospital new in front of you Bursaray station Digging hit the construction again. (İhsan Aydın / Event)

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