Russia-Turkey Business Council Delegation to Talk About Virtual Fair

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, the authorities were accommodated in Russia-Turkey Business Council delegation. At the meeting, where possible cooperation between Izmir and Russia, especially virtual fairs, was discussed, President Soyer said, "The more we cooperate in the pandemic period, the more we reduce our losses".

Russia-Turkey Business Council delegation visited Izmir Mayor Tunç Soyer in his office. Russia-Turkey Chairman of the Business Council, Ahmed M. Palankoyev, Vice President and International Business Support Center (ICBA) President Adam M. Lyanov delegation that Russia-Turkey Business Council Representative of Turkey Hakan Cihaner found in Izmir, including virtual exhibition beginning with President Soyer and possible cooperation between Russia.

President Soyer emphasized that with the pandemic, the concept of new normal has entered our lives and that fair business will change from now on, “Now the virtual fair period begins. We have a fair organizing company in Izmir called İZFAŞ with 89 years of experience. Turkey has the largest exhibition space in the city. We are organizing the Turkey's oldest international fairs. Now we are thinking about virtual fair business. Pandemic period, have made Turkey's first digital exhibition Shoedex 2020. This year, we are organizing the 89th International İzmir Fair (IEF) with the Mediterranean theme. We can bring Russia and the Mediterranean geography together with a joint virtual fair ”.

Izmir Office in Moscow

Stating that the institutional capacity of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and İZFAŞ and the city coalition, which includes all the institutions of İzmir, a common working platform can be established on virtual fair organization, Soyer said, “We had to postpone the opening of our İzmir office in Moscow due to the pandemic. Our work on this subject will continue. Because İzmir's potential in tourism is being missed ”.

The Russia-Turkey Business Council Chairman Ahmet M. Palankoyev can work together for the promotion of Izmir, Russia-Turkey Business Council has stressed that a meeting held in Izmir.

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