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While surfing the internet, we come across many sites. Sometimes we spend a long time on these sites, and sometimes we press the close button within seconds. For internet surfers, the most important thing is to get what you're looking for. If it is a video we are looking for, we immediately press the 'play' button. In the photo gallery, we examine the photos by pressing the 'next' button. If it is prose, we first read the titles.

Founded in 2008 and covering topics such as news, science, games, life and health Ghostworm You can find articles, photos and videos you are looking for. The site, which has been reporting on different topics for many years, has thousands of followers. On the site followed by both social media and e-mail subscribers game The news in the category is quite interesting. Here are the main categories on the site:

  • Agenda
  • Science-Technology
  • Kültür-Sanat
  • Life
  • Health
  • Game
  • Movies / Series
  • Book

The Face of Dreams on the Internet!

Your humor and fun moments On the site, where it is compiled and shared by its authors, you can share the content you will find something from yourself with comments and evaluate your time. We strongly recommend you to follow the technological news of the Ha Ghosturk website, which goes to the 'technology' sections of platforms such as Bundle, Gather and Flipboard, with quality columns and detailed technology news.

The First Ghost Animated Film

Planned by the founding team first Turkish animated ghost movie he continues his script and design studies for his project. For this, he conducts a wide scan from humor in the most remote corners of the internet to every person who sees himself as a mascot. With the site's open-to-innovate staff, where we expect great surprises very soon, such projects will be even bigger in the future. Here is the site's mission:

As a content sharing platform where dreams, experiences, unnoticed and entertaining news in the internet world are broadcasted, Ha opens a different window to your internet experience. On the site where humor and fun moments are compiled and shared by the authors of Ha, you can share the content that you will find something from yourself with comments and evaluate your time.

The site, which has written thousands of news since 2008, is a catchy site with its original news. To contact the site iletisim@ha You can send an e-mail to!

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