88 Female Train Drivers Inaugurated in Istanbul

woman train driver started duty in istanbul
woman train driver started duty in istanbul

Train driver training organized by Metro Istanbul has ended. 88 new female train drivers started their duty in the metro of Istanbul. Turkey's largest city rail operators Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) held by the subsidiary companies of the Metro train driving the Istanbul training has been completed. 88 female train drivers successfully completed the trainings that started in February and started their duties.

They were selected from among 7500 applications ...

Out of approximately 7500 applications made to train driver trainings initiated by IMM and Metro Istanbul in line with the goal of increasing women's employment, 124 women were eligible to participate in the trainings. After a 88-month hard training period, 3 women successfully sat in the driver's seat in Istanbul's subways.

“We want women to be more involved in business life…”

Meeting with the female train drivers who took office, Özgür Soy, General Manager of Metro Istanbul, pointed out that it was a great success to be selected from among 7500 applications and complete the trainings. Stating that 88 female train drivers who successfully completed the difficult training process deserve applause, Özgür Soy said, “This program is one of the important initiatives of IMM. We definitely want women to be more involved in business life. We expect you to come to much better and more important positions especially at IMM. Train driving is also a very important profession, a gold bracelet. " he spoke.

They enjoyed the transparency of the interviews ...

Stating that they have no doubts that they will be successful when applying for train driver training, the female drivers expressed their happiness for the transparency of the interviews with them and the fact that they applied with their own efforts and were assigned to duty without the support of anyone.

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, drew attention to the increase in the number of female personnel in Metro Istanbul during the holiday visit.

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