China will be the only country that maintains its economic growth in 2020

The BBC assessed that China will be the only economy that can maintain growth this year, based on the results of a new poll.

The British news channel BBC reported that 90 percent of companies worldwide consider China as one of the ideal purchasing destinations, and it was concluded that China plays an extremely important role in the global supply chain and will likely be the only economy that can maintain growth this year.

In the report, it was pointed out that the Covid-19 epidemic has brought huge negative effects to global trade, and this process teaches businesses that being dependent on a single country will not benefit.

In the report, which included the results of the latest survey conducted by global supply chain management company QIMA, it was noted that in a period when the tension between China and the USA continued and the epidemic was on a global scale, the dependence of all companies in the world, including American businesses, on the Chinese market remained at the same level. 87 percent of businesses surveyed said they still see China as the top three ideal purchasing destinations, despite the availability of various supply channels.

It was pointed out that China is moving from its global supplier position to the position of the world's most important customer, so it was stated that China may be the only economy that can maintain growth in 2020. It was pointed out that China has shaped global trade definitions in the past decades and this situation will not change in the short term.

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