UTİKAD Added Another New to Online Vocational Training Seminars

utikad has added a new one to its online vocational training seminars
utikad has added a new one to its online vocational training seminars

UTİKAD, the International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association, continues its training programs to increase the qualified workforce in the logistics sector without slowing down in the pandemic process.

UTIKAD, which brought the Vocational Training Seminars available with Pandemi online, added another Vocational Training Seminar to the training program in line with the needs of its members.

Dr. Lecturer. Member Halim Yurdakul and Atty. The first training on “Purchasing and Contract Management” to be delivered by Ezgi Yurdakul will take place on Tuesday, 21 July 2020.

With the COVID-19 process following the local and global economic crisis experienced with a full-day Purchasing and Contract Management course, the impact of changing conditions on the contracts will be assessed within the scope of revising the costs and realizing effective purchasing. In addition, methods to increase the effectiveness of logistics company officials in contracting will also be discussed.

Other online trainings held by UTİKAD in the pandemic process include Effective Sales and Sales Techniques in the Logistics Industry, Insurance for Logistics Enterprises, Cost Management for Logistics Enterprises, Customs Clearance for Logistics Enterprises, Contract Law in Logistics and Transport Law in Logistics.

UTİKAD continues to plan its in-house trainings with the increasing demand of companies for in-house trainings with the pandemic period. Depending on the requests from the companies, trainings can be given on the specified days and hours.

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