US Court finds Extra Tax Decision Against Turkish Steel Unconstitutional

us court finds unconstitutional additional tax decision on turkish cell
us court finds unconstitutional additional tax decision on turkish cell

US Court of International Trade, the President of Donald Trump's 2018 additional customs duty on steel imports from Turkey from 25 percent to 50 percent decided to upgrade ruled unconstitutional.

Aegean Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters' Association Chairman Yalcin by Ertan Trump August 2018 customs duties on imported steel and aluminum from Turkey had scored one of the steps that legitimize protectionism in the world by doubling.

“Trump's decision was also against the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules. Thus, all anti-protectionism discourses in the international arena were destroyed. Trump's this unfair and arbitrary moves over the United States in Turkey regarding the inhibition of the action at the WTO found the notification. USA, then added tax imposed on imported steel products from Turkey in May 2019 dropped to 50 percent from 25 percent. However, both US importers and Turkish exporters have applied to the court to eliminate their grievances in this regard. The court ruled that the customs tariffs on steel products imported from Turkey is lacking in terms of the rate doubling method of decision and stated that the constitution guarantees the equal protection are violated. We see the result of our struggle on a global scale for two years, our Turkey's favor results çıktı.türk steel exporters to own this issue, and other countries with equal competition environment consists of the result of good towards a return begins. It is our expectation that this improvement will be replaced by more positive developments and that all barriers to bilateral trade will be removed. "

Ertan said, “Obstacles to bilateral trade with the US, trade wars clustering and protectionist measures have a negative impact on the domestic market and cause international trade to be hampered and mostly done in a regional and narrow space. The real loser is the manufacturers, industrialists, importers, exporters and end consumers of the two countries. It affects not only Turkish companies but also US companies using Turkish steel products. We are not for the economic war, but for a fair and sustainable system in global trade. It would be unthinkable to remain unresponsive to this violation of rights called protectionism measures. We exported 2017 billion 1 million dollars to the USA in 115, 2018 million dollars in 896 and 2019 million dollars in 271. In the period from 2017 to 2019, our steel exports lost 75 percent in value. During this time, a serious grievance occurred. In the first 2020 months of 6, our steel exports amounted to $ 214 million. As both importers and exporters, we think that this victimization should be eliminated. ”

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