Transportation Fees and Sustainable Transportation

transportation fees and sustainable transportation
transportation fees and sustainable transportation

The city transportation problem of Kocaeli and Neighboring Provinces is increasing day by day. Trying to solve the transportation problem only by road makes the problem even more insurmountable. Transportation Fees and Sustainable Transportation are extremely important.


The Adapazarı train, which operates between Adapazarı and Pendik, has been disabled for years, and it has been tried to make people forget the train usage habits.

The current route is shortened between Pendik and Adapazarı. More than 20 train stations are still closed (Derbent, Köseköy, Kırkikievler, Tavşancıl, Diliskelesi and most importantly, Haydarpaşa train stations are still in operation). The number of flights, which is 24 per day, has been reduced to 8 and the number of wagons from 7 to 4. On the other hand, Regional Train Schedules stopped due to pandemics are still not started.

Since many port rail connections, such as Haydarpaşa port, which were previously transported, have been canceled, vehicle traffic carrying these loads has been added to the highway. The working plan for Organized Industrial Zones and Port - Railway connections has not been announced.


While the number of passengers to be transported per day for Marmaray is 2 million, the number of passengers carried daily before the pandemic was around 500 thousand. 25 percent of the targeted number of passengers has been reached.

According to the information given to the press at the Marmaray Groundbreaking Ceremony, Marmaray entered underground in Yedikule after Kazlıçeşme as a double line in the Bosphorus crossing, passing through the Yenikapı and Sirkeci and passing under the Bosphorus in Üsküdar on the Anatolian side of Istanbul (Asia). reaches the underground station, reaches Söğütlüçeşme by going out to the earth again in Ayrılıkçeşme. This section, which is approximately 13,5 kilometers, was put into service today. Gebze-Halkalı With the commuter line coming into service, Marmaray and Gebze-Halkalı Between 2-10 minutes, there will be a trip. It is informed that one thousand 75 thousand passengers can be transported in one direction and an average of 1 thousand 200 thousand passengers per hour.
But; According to the information in the press of November 2019; While the number of passengers carried in Marmaray between 29 October 2018 and 12 March 2019 was 318 million 330 thousand 118, this figure was 13 million 29 thousand 84 between 355 March and 697 October.

With a simple account; 84.355.697 / 230 DAYS (approx) = 366.676 Daily carrying in one direction and daily carrying in one direction during 16 hours of work per day: 183.338 People / 16 hours: 11.458 People / hour.

So; It is seen that the passenger carrying capacity targeted by Marmaray carries 230 times less passengers than the first 6 days.


With the high speed train between Istanbul and Ankara, 16 people can be transported and approximately 410 people can be transported per train. 6.500 years ago, the daily passenger potential was announced as 5 people. That is, even 85.000 percent of the existing potential expressed cannot be carried. It is more difficult to find tickets from the provinces on the route compared to the starting and arrival stations. Many train stations that are closed due to high speed train are still not operated. While it is necessary to provide fast and safe transportation of citizens living in the districts to prevent migration to large cities, it is extremely wrong to close the existing train stations.


Osmangazi Bridge, which is targeted to be used in highway transportation, is not preferred due to its high pass price, but it continues to reach Bursa and İzmir provinces over Kocaeli province. High tolls also cause vehicle density in urban road traffic.


Instead of long-term rail transport systems, putting wheeled transport systems in the foreground is contrary to sustainable transport principles. It is not possible to transport cheap passengers with imported fuel.

Today; It is a consequence of this situation that the passenger transportation fee for line 700, which is put into service between Gebze and Gölcük, is 25 TL / person. This fare set for the Line 700 is still 2,5 times higher than the city bus fare that carries passengers between the bus station and Kartal. It is noteworthy that the price of the full price is determined to be close to the fuel price that will be consumed in the journey with a personal vehicle.

The journey, which is made by traveling around the Gulf without using Osman Gazi Bridge, is 70 km, and this distance between Izmit and Pendik can be made with the Adapazarı train for 10 TL / person.

Investments that encourage public transportation and bicycle use should be given priority instead of investments-pricing that encourages personal vehicle ownership. Even in countries where winter conditions are more difficult for us, children can reach their schools by bicycle.

To improve sea passenger and freight transportation, integrity should be ensured among all transportation methods.
If everyone uses their own vehicle, we share with the public that the goals set forth as a society cannot be achieved.

TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers
Head of Kocaeli Branch

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