Turkey's first and only domestic hybrid vehicle with Ankara Castle Cruises

ankara turkiyenin first and only trip to the castle with local hybrid vehicle
ankara turkiyenin first and only trip to the castle with local hybrid vehicle

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and rechargeable scope of the contract signed between Turkey's Ford Otosan hybrid (electric) Custom PHEV Ford commercial vehicle, began to serve the residents of Ankara. One of the vehicles received at the ceremony attended by the Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş will serve ring services to historical places in Ulus and the other will be used by Başkent 153 mobile teams.

With the cooperation of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Ford Otosan, free ring service with hybrid (electric) vehicles started for Ulus and its surrounding historical areas, especially Ankara Castle.

The first step was taken after Ford Otosan announced that 2 vehicles will be donated to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for testing purposes at the Smart Cities and Municipalities Congress in January. Rechargeable produced in Turkey hybrid (electric), 2 commercial vehicles PHEV Ford Custom Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansoor Slow with the participation of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality ceremony took place in front of the castle was delivered.

Metropolitan Municipality in order to test rechargeable hybrid will be produced in Turkey transportation services delivered by commercial vehicles. One of the vehicles will be used for free ring services to domestic and foreign tourists in Ankara Castle and Ulus and its surrounding historical areas, and the other will be used in different routes for citizen complaints and field visits through Başkent Mobil and Başkent 153.


Speaking at the vehicle delivery ceremony in the square in front of Ankara Castle, Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş said that they are working to make Ankara a smart capital city and make life easier for citizens with cleaner, sustainable and environmentalist practices.

Underlining that they care about environmentally friendly practices considering the health of the people of Ankara, President Yavaş said, “We thought that the most suitable place for testing these electric vehicles is Ulus. We talked about the fact that providing ring service around Ulus, Ankara Castle and its surroundings will have positive effects on both the environment and the development of tourism. ”

“Regular ring tours will be held in front of Ulus Atatürk Statue. I think it will be a great convenience for tourists who have to come here with their cars and have a parking problem. We will also guide the owners of the companies by using the vehicles on these slopes. Hopefully, the number of electric vehicles increases in Ankara, we get rid of gasoline and diesel vehicles. This is a start. ”

Haydar Yenigün, General Manager of Ford Otosan, pointed out that the automotive industry has undergone an environmentally friendly and technological transformation towards smart and clean cities all over the world.

“Applications such as emission limits in Europe and emission-free city centers are becoming more and more common. For this reason, we see the cooperation we have established within the framework of the 'Clean City' practices of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Ankara and the municipality will use these vehicles. We will improve our vehicles with the information from you. The development on the side of our R&D center will be completed with information from here. We thank Mr. Mansur Yavaş for their support. ”


After the vehicle delivery ceremony, President Yavas, together with Bekir Odemis, Head of the Department of Cultural and Natural Heritage, examined the restoration works in the historical houses of Ankara Castle on site.

Giving information about street rehabilitation works in İçkale region, Ödemiş said, “We restore all buildings without breaking their original and original structure. In all studies, we use whatever materials are in the Ankara tradition. We have 3 stages of street rehabilitation and 3 houses in total will be restored in these 240 stages. ”


Stating that the restoration in the castle area has been discussed for years, Mayor Yavaş made the following statements:

“This is an area where tourists who come to Ankara will definitely want to visit… It reflects both the history and culture of Ankara. The longer we delay, the more history and culture disappear here. Our purpose is not to protect these houses just for tourists to come. Restoring these houses, each of which has a different feature, means keeping a culture alive… We started to do a comprehensive study to keep our culture alive. Our goal is to finish all of these houses during our tenure. ”

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