Turkey, Latvia Want to start with the Mutual Flight

Mutual turkey with Latvia wants time to begin, aircraft
Mutual turkey with Latvia wants time to begin, aircraft

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan said, “During the pandemic process, both the Turkish business people and the representatives of the EU business world have become the demand and need of both parties to update the Customs Union and to further strengthen and deepen relations.” said.

Pekcan Minister, in his speech at the Turkey-Latvia Period 1. Signing Ceremony JETCO meeting via video conference, said they held a productive meeting with Minister of Economy of Latvia Janis Vitenbergs.

Second JETCO meeting at the end of this year, indicating that they planned to do at the latest at the beginning of next year, Turkey hosted Pekcan, wherein the contacts they expect to be conducive to cooperation will benefit both countries business people voiced.

Pointing out that the trade volume with Latvia, one of the most important economies of the Baltic region, is at the level of 293 million dollars, Pekcan said:

“With Mr. Minister Vitenbergs, we have decided to take steps to increase the trade volume between the two countries to $ 1 billion as soon as possible. We have determined in which sectors we can increase cooperation, mutual trade and investment areas. The JETCO mechanism is a mechanism by which we can evaluate our economic and commercial relations in every field. We have the decisions we make in this direction, as Turkey, we will pursue the steps to be taken. We are pleased to see that Latvia agrees with us. ”

Pekcan stated that they have discussed many topics covering bilateral relations, mutual investments, contracting services, trade, industry cooperation, technology, private sector cooperation, culture and tourism, agriculture, transportation and science, technology and education. He also stated that they will be mutually followers of the realization in time.

Pekcan, stating that they encouraged the increase of mutual investment, Turkey's 91 million dollars in Latvia, Latvia's also said that 77 million dollar investment in Turkey.

Expressing that Turkish contracting companies have undertaken 127 billion dollars in more than 10 thousand projects in 400 countries, Pekcan said that 509 projects worth 9 million dollars have been undertaken in Latvia.

Pekcan; The contractor explained that the consultancy firms expect to take part in larger projects in Latvia and that it is foreseen to cooperate with Latvian contractors in the third countries.

Expressing that Turkish companies undertaking infrastructure projects in Latvia had problems with visa procedures within the scope of obtaining a work permit, Pekcan stated that they demand their support in this regard.

Updating the Customs Union Agreement

Minister Pekcan said that they had the opportunity to discuss the multilateral relations of the two countries and made the following evaluations:

"Especially the Customs Union Agreement between Turkey and the EU on EU steel safeguard measures that stop on the sensitivity of Turkey and the Coal and Steel Although the deal have expressed discomfort we feel from being well implemented these measures for Turkey and supports our Latvian interlocutor to meet in a joint agreement with the we requested. During the pandemic process, during our meetings with both Turkish business people and representatives of the EU business world, it has become the demand and need of both parties to update the Customs Union and to further strengthen and deepen relations. Because in our current agreement, there is no e-commerce, services sector and digital economy that stand out in the Kovid-19 pandemic process. We have requested the support of Latvia for an update to include them. I would like to thank them for their constructive attitude in this regard. ”

“We want mutual flights to Latvia to start”

After the signing ceremony held in Latvia-Turkey Business Forum Pekcan speaking, all the world's Kovid-19 through difficult times due to the epidemic that said that people affected by this process of trade and business.

Turkey-Latvia between attracting attention to the importance of eliminating the effects of the outbreak of cooperation Pekcan, "In this context, our relationship pursued on the basis of friendship and mutual benefits with Latvia I am fully confident that it will continue even stronger in the future. On this occasion, we hope that the whole world will get rid of this epidemic as soon as possible and return to their normal lives. ” he spoke.

Referring also to the tourism sector which is important for Turkey Pekcan, he said: "We want the start of the flights between Latvia and Turkey. Turkey, a major tourist destination address in terms of Latvian tourists. Turkey, Kovid-19 has already made the successful fight against the pandemic. Both begin as soon as possible bilateral flights as well as enforcement of quarantine measures for tourists from Turkey, to 48 hours towards Consideration of tests and Turkey have conveyed our request to remove the green list from the yellow list. "

“JETCO meeting will be a very important opportunity for bilateral relations”

Latvian Economy Minister Janis Vitenbergs also stated that they want the JETCO 1st Term Meeting to be instrumental in the development and deepening of relations between countries.

Stating that they are reviewing bilateral trade relations, higher education, transportation and logistics, agriculture, international investment and public-private cooperation (PPP), Vitenbergs said that the meeting was successful and efficient and believed that the JETCO meeting would be a very important opportunity for bilateral relations. added.

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