The owner is set to become Turkey Plate World Market

turkey plate is set to become world market arbiter
turkey plate is set to become world market arbiter

The automotive industry is changing, vehicles are evolving and new systems come into play. The aluminum plate used all over the world is replaced by the plexi plate.

Turkey's new license plates will now eagerly waiting period when France is located in the world of Turkish plate market will provide manufacturers Zifort IMMATRICULATION employs 100 people in Yozgat already made an investment of $ 4.8 million. Company's Chairman Abdullah Demirtaş '' Turkey 'we are talking about a sector which sold 8.5 million plates a year. Turkey average of 5 percent annually for the next 4.5 years the market 'like we expect growth. This growth will correspond to 2026 million plate sales in 10.4. ''

New generation plate technology provides great convenience in terms of safety with its QR code, electronic chip, hologram and serial number systems, which are not resistant to snow and mud, are extremely resistant to wiping and tarnishing.

In all these developments, as well as many other sectors of the automotive industry teknoloijk striking distance greater sense of important fixtures '' We are confident that we will have a voice in the world market in Turkey. What we need for this is the creation of the necessary infrastructure services. While the plate market size in 28 European countries is approaching $ 750 million, its market share continues to grow by 2 percent each year. In Europe, an average of 1000 vehicles per 602 people, while 8.5 million license plates are sold annually, in our country, an average of 1000 vehicles per 282 people. There is a 5 percent loss in the sector on an annual basis due to the Kovid crisis, but we expect a 2021 percent growth in 5. ''

Demirbaş made the evaluations about the effects that drive the plate market and added: “The indispensable for the countries directing the world market is the legislative system created by each country and their potential to keep up with the developing technologies. We think that we will become one of the leading countries in the world after our country has the necessary legislation to keep up with every developing technology. ''

The license plate sector consists of a market that makes damage-based changes in second-hand vehicles and existing vehicles, especially needs arising from new vehicles. Commercial vehicles constitute the highest growth in the market.

Hibya News Agency

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