Focusing on the Development of the Turkish Rail System, ORGE Predicts High Growth in the Sector

Focusing on the development of the Turkish rail system, Orge sees high growth in the sector.
Focusing on the development of the Turkish rail system, Orge sees high growth in the sector.

indicating that they anticipate high growth in rail systems sector in Turkey ORK CEO Nevhiz that day, 'every place in the country with a network such as the spider to rail transport and to reveal the important projects gratifying vision.' he spoke.

Turkey's most important and qualified electrical contracting company from ORK Energy Electrical Contracting Inc., Kovid-19 during the epidemic, even taking all security measures, announced that work successfully continued. The company stated that it has accelerated its works in the new normalization process, along with the rail system, public infrastructure and superstructure projects that it has recently signed.

Stating that they focus on the investments in the transportation infrastructure as a company, ORGE CEO Nevhan Gündüz stated that they have made 17 billion lira investment in the transportation infrastructure in 880 years, by recording the forecasts of high growth in the rail system sector. In 5 years, he stated that they aimed to increase the length of the High Speed ​​Train line from 200 to 5 kilometers and the rail system to 500 thousand kilometers. It is pleasing to present rail transportation and important vision projects that will weave all over the country with webs like spiders. ' he spoke.

'As a company, we have signed the biggest metro contract in one go so far'

Saying that the electricity contracting industry is less affected by the pandemic process, Gündüz continued to work overtime as we were competing with time, especially in projects that are our primary concern, such as metro projects, city hospitals, universities, and banking bases. Our construction sites continued their activities, except for someone who was temporarily standing. Even our construction sites worked on the curfew days. All our jobsites are currently active. In the second quarter of 2020, however, as a company, we signed the contract for the Sabiha Gökçen Airport Metro business, which is worth 11 million euros, in one go. This year, as a company, we continue our public superstructure and infrastructure investments such as metro, rail system and city hospital, university and cultural center. We aim to create new job opportunities for the sector participants by taking part in the renewal and expansion investments of tourism and industrial facilities as well as large-scale national projects that are expected to be brought to the agenda. ' used expressions.

Underlining that they had a successful pandemic process, Gündüz said, “We tried to manage our company in a dynamic manner as much as possible. We directed some of our employees to work from home. As top management, we were at the beginning of our work every day by taking all our safety and health measures. By taking the social, psychological and physical health of our employees as our focus, we initiated vital measures such as masks, disinfectants, fever measurement, and monitoring the health of employees in the early stages. In this way, we encountered only 8 positive cases and had them treated and returned to business life. '

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