BURAK Class Corvettes in the Turkish Navy are Being Modernized

burak class corvettes in the turkish navy are being modernized
burak class corvettes in the turkish navy are being modernized

Photos of the Burak class F-503 TCG Beykoz corvette of the Turkish Navy were reflected on social media. According to the image shared by “Viya”, TCG Beykoz corvette, formerly called the D'Estienne d'Orves (Aviso) class in the French Navy, has been updated on the head ball and radar.

According to the images examined, the systems added to the ship are as follows:

  • Instead of French-made 100 mm CADAM Ball, Italian Auto Malara 76 mm head ball
  • Instead of the French DRBC 32E fire control radar, domestic ASELSAN AKR tracking and fire control radar
  • Native ASELSAN 51D Search Radar (MAR-D) instead of French DRBV 3A search radar

Burak-class corvettes, which are six in the Turkish Navy inventory, are between the ages of 43 and 46. These ships were planned to be taken out of inventory in the past years. However, the ships could not be taken out of the inventory due to the delay of the Turkish Navy new shipbuilding programs, the tension in the region and the expansion of the Turkish Navy's mission area.

Defense Turk Author and Naval Engineer Kozan Selçuk Erkan Regarding the modernized Burak class; “Replaced 100mm guns were a heavy and slow gun. In addition, there is a high dependency on France for spare parts and ammunition. Aviso, Burak class ships are good ships according to their age. They are easy to operate, inexpensive and robust ships. The French Navy retired the ships they built to replace the Avisos early and put the Avisos back on duty, with the head gun removed. ”

France also used the sub-body form of Aviso, which he was very pleased with, in the Floréal class reconnaissance frigates.

Regarding the use of Corvet, Erkan said, “There is still no equivalent for corvette design in Greece. They deploy a patrol boat or frigate across the corvettes. For this reason, it is very beneficial for them to remain on duty through cost-effective modifications. ”

The lancets with Javelin and L-UMTAS designed by Roketsan in the Burak class corvettes were added and shots were made. Integration of this system into more ships, which will act as a deterrent especially for the close targets in the Aegean, is among the possible scenarios.

In addition, even though MM-38 Exocet missiles in the Burak class have undergone renewal in the past, it is considered that the very old missiles are not very effective.

Source: defanceturk

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