Disabled People Who Are Banned To Train Trains Action In Front Of Ankara Train Station

ankara train terminal, which has been banned from getting on trains
ankara train terminal, which has been banned from getting on trains

The Ministry of Transport has banned disabled passengers from traveling by train on the grounds of coronavirus. Reacting to the ban Turkey Blind Federation and representatives of disability organizations in Ankara made a demonstration in front of the Ankara Train Station.

Turkey Federation of the Blind President Scott Suha, has called for an end to the practice field to TCDD suspend the right to travel free with disabilities.

Sağlam emphasized that the ban imposed on the grounds of Covid19 is against the law. Noting that the ban on riding trains for the visually impaired is not valid in city trains such as Marmaray and Başkentray, Sağlam said, “There is no scientific and legal explanation for restriction and enforcement. Ultimately, the right of the disabled to be suspended; above all, it is a discriminatory practice against the principle of equality. ”


Robust raised the following questions about the ban:

  • We ask our Minister of Transport and Infrastructure; Are you aware of this unlawful practice? What is the scope and justification of the "restriction" mentioned in the statement published by our Ministry?
  • We ask the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services and our General Manager for Disabled and Elderly Services; Have you started an action on the removal of this unlawful application?
  • We ask our Minister of Health; As the Ministry and the Scientific Committee, to TCDD; In passenger transport, did you recommend “suspend the right of disabled people to free transportation” within the scope of pandemic measures?
  • We ask our Minister of Justice; In the Law No. 4736, do you find it unlawful to suspend the right of persons with disabilities to free transportation without any change? "


Süha Sağlam wanted to go to the box office after the press release with her friends and buy tickets. He was told that he could not buy a ticket with a 'free travel card' to himself and his friends at the box office, which he turned to buy a ticket, but he could buy a ticket if he paid for the ticket.

General Chairman of the Aid Association of All Disabled and Their Families, Ilimdar Boshtas, addressed the President and the Minister of Transport, reminded them that they had declared 2020 an accessible year and asked for a solution to the situation as soon as possible.

Supporting CHP Deputy Chairman Yıldırım Kaya and Eskişehir Deputy Utku Çakırözer also supported the action

Kaya emphasized that the disabled should not be prevented before the disabled people, saying that they were removed by the government in one disability. Çakırözer underlined that discrimination was made and that the situation was fairness and unscrupulous.

Günceleme: 19/07/2020 11:21

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