TOTAL's New Distributor Başbuğ Auto Spare Parts

new distributor of totalin basbug auto spare parts
new distributor of totalin basbug auto spare parts

TOTAL Lubricants, Turkey's largest Basbug made from spare parts distribution company in cooperation with Auto Spare Parts. TOTAL, the new distributor of Istanbul European Side 1st Region and Thrace Region sales, marketing and distribution activities, Başbuğ Oto Yedek Parça A.Ş. will continue with.

Turkey in 30 years of operating in the TOTAL lubricants production and marketing, which is one of Turkey's largest spare parts distribution company Basbug Auto Spare Parts Co. It strengthened its sales and marketing network even more with the agreement it signed with. Başbuğ Auto Spare Parts, which started its commercial life with the retail sales of FORD Anadol brand cars in Istanbul Aksaray in 1974 and increasing its product range with its success in the following years, today, thanks to the new cooperation that started with TOTAL, He also added oil sales, marketing and distribution. Within the scope of the cooperation that started as of April 2020, Beşiktaş, Beyoğlu, Bakırköy, Sarıyer, Şişli and Tekirdağ will carry out sales, marketing and distribution operations in the region including major cities and districts such as Edirne and Çanakkale.

Operating in more than 4 countries as one of the 130 largest energy companies in the world, TOTAL has its new distributor Başbuğ Oto Yedek Parça A.Ş. with its expert sales and service infrastructure. will continue to provide uninterrupted and top quality service to its business partners who have preferred to work with TOTAL and ELF brands for many years.

Istanbul in terms of western Europe and automotive lubricants market volume in the region, including Trakya, Turkey's highest tonnage and because it is one of the toughest of TOTAL, market, product and service quality and the expectations for the technology to provide this service in the background in parallel to higher It aims to deliver the state-of-the-art products produced in Izmir Menemen to more users by keeping its level of service and strengthening its service networks with distributors with strong distribution network. Thanks to realized investment and innovative marketing activities in Turkey in the oil market mineral remarkable, reaching a size of TOTAL, every second car manufactured in Turkey is proud of using the TOTAL lubricants or antifreeze in the first. *

* 2014-2019 Automotive Manufacturers Association (OSD) is based on cumulative production data.

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