Special Concrete Mix Design Service for Your Building from THBB

concrete mixture design service from thbb to your building
concrete mixture design service from thbb to your building

In our country, which is in the third place in the world in the production of ready mixed concrete and in the first place in Europe, studies are continuing to increase the quality of ready mixed concrete. began serving in November 2019 Turkey Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Concrete Research, Development and Technology Advisory Center, the structures in construction projects required by the load carrying capacity, structure by making tests determined by external factors will be exposed to special concrete mixture forms designs. Thanks to these special mixture designs, the concrete produced by the buildings is made to be more durable, safe and long-lasting against external factors such as earthquakes.

Turkey, three countries where an earthquake fault line of the group. So much so that in the history of the country earthquakes have occurred in many cities, resulting in destruction. However, it was not that we were on the fault line that caused destruction in earthquakes, mostly non-standard use of concrete and application and project errors caused destruction in earthquakes.

working to ensure quality concrete production and use Turkey Ready Mixed Concrete Association (TRMCA) Stars in the laboratory in Technopark site for the disappearance of many of these errors R & D work and the project is developing. Since 1995, in order to ensure continuity in production quality, as well as the concrete production facility on-site audit, which also performs unannounced product controls TRMCA last year, Turkey Ready Mixed Concrete Association founded the Concrete Research, Development and Technology Information Center. The Center, which has been serving since November 2019, aims both to provide the feasibility of advanced tests in determining the concrete quality of Istanbul and to meet the special R&D and technology consultancy needs of the construction and ready-mixed concrete sectors. The most striking service of this Center is the creation of special concrete mix designs by conducting tests determined according to the load carrying capacity required by the structures in the construction projects and the external factors (sea water, carbon dioxide, wind, humidity, temperature etc.) to be exposed. Currently, research and development activities are ongoing to create a concrete mix design of a very special building in Iraq. At the center, we are trying to design concrete that can be poured easily in very hot weather conditions, which can be delivered with a pump about 50 times, which can maintain its consistency without hardening for long hours.


the most widely used building material with ready-mixed concrete in Turkey, compared to many other countries is a relatively new industry. However, despite this European championship in Turkey ready mixed concrete production and protect the world from the third position since 2009. Not only in terms of quantity, the strength grade of concrete used in Turkey ahead. Research to improve the qualities of ready mixed concrete continues uninterruptedly.

He has been developing R&D studies and projects in his laboratory, which he founded in 2007 in THBB and has been serving in Yıldız Technopark since 2013. While looking for ways to produce quality products at less cost with these projects, methods are developed for environmentally friendly-sustainable concrete production. Even in studies with laboratory made, Turkey Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Concrete Research, Development and Technology Advisory Center was established. The center was launched in cooperation with Yıldız Technical University, with the support of the Innovative and Creative Istanbul Financial Support Program of İSTKA, which works in coordination with the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey. Support will be provided to the producers during the design phase and product conformity control phase by providing services at the center before and after production. The center will also serve contractors, manufacturers of concrete, cement, aggregate, chemical additives and mineral additives, citizens and municipalities who need advanced testing in determining the quality of concrete in their buildings.


Long time existing structures for seismic performance analysis report said they received strong demand from citizens about preparing Turkey Ready Mixed Concrete Association Chairman Yavuz Light, "our people have begun to work to ensure the safe and reliable earthquake taking performance analysis report. We have completed our preparations with our laboratory and experienced team, which have become an important R&D laboratory with new devices purchased with the support of the Istanbul Development Agency, and started to provide reliable 'Earthquake Performance Report' to all building owners. Wondering the state of their buildings regarding earthquake resistance; We can prepare detailed Earthquake Performance Report for property owners, building managers, engineering offices, municipalities and local administrations, public institutions with distinctive features. In addition to measuring the earthquake resistance of existing structures, we can also determine their service life. ” said.


The load and environmental impacts of each building are different. For example, in special projects such as nuclear power plants, concrete obtained by using heavy aggregate against radiation should be used. In a bridge project built by the sea, it is desired to prevent chloride salts from the sea water from entering the concrete. The aggregate (gravel, gravel or sand) used on the highway is demanded to be resistant to abrasion.

Yavuz Işık stated that before the project starts, contractor companies or consulting firms pass the necessary criteria for the performance of the building in special projects such as airports, bridges, highways, dams or nuclear power plants, “We also produce concrete in accordance with the desired conditions. We test the materials such as cement, aggregate, water and chemical additives used in concrete production in our laboratory and prepare a special concrete mixture design after investigating its suitability. We apply some performance experiments to concretes produced in accordance with the special mixture design we have prepared. Some parameters that affect the lifetime of concrete such as compressive strength, chlorine permeability, carbonation depth, water processing depth under pressure, or alkali silica reactivity are being investigated. ” he spoke.

Underlining that they have been working on construction projects abroad from time to time, Yavuz Işık shares the following examples in this regard: “Before the construction of a hydroelectric power plant to be built on a river in Georgia, we conducted necessary research on gravel and sand. We carry out quality control studies of concrete used in the construction of a railway in Tanzania. The expectation in all buildings is that when the concrete hardens, it can carry the targeted load and has a long life that is resistant to environmental conditions, while the building is constructed, the concrete can be processed easily, that is, it can be poured easily. In this way, while providing convenience during work on the construction site, on the other hand, it is provided to have some features for the longevity of the structure. ”

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