TCDD Should Return the Disabled People's Free Transportation

TCDD Should Return the Disabled People's Free Transportation
Photo: Levent Elmastaş - RayHaber

Gönül Gözü Association President Devriş Ahmet Şahin, who is known for his work for the disabled, demanded that TCDD give up the double standard imposed on the disabled.

President Şahin made the following statements in his statement; "Covidien excuse-19 with disabilities Free transportation Right Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) and TCDD Transport Inc. is Suspended by unlawful.

As NGOs representing disabled people, TCDD and Taşımacılık AŞ suspended the right to free transportation; We call it a violation of the relevant articles of the Law No. 4736 on the Amendment of Goods and Services Tariffs Produced by Public Institutions and Organizations and Some Laws.

Due to the pandemic, flights for “all citizens” were stopped on 28 March 2020; While High Speed ​​Train (YHT) and main line passenger train services were restarted "for all citizens" on May 28, 2020, the right of disabled people to free transportation was suspended without any legal justification. This practice is unlawful.

For extraordinary situations, precautions are taken for everyone. Besides, for a certain time due to the pandemic, TCDD's flights were stopped for everyone.

When the normalization process was entered, when the necessary measures for the pandemic were resumed and the TCDD flights were restarted, it was decided that the disabled should travel on a paid basis under the pretext that they were under “supposed” protection.

  • We ask the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure about this decision taken on behalf of people with disabilities in an unlawful and unfounded manner, although no amendments were made to the pandemic in Law No. 4736; "Are you aware of this unlawful practice?"
  • We ask the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services and our General Manager for Disabled and Elderly Services; "Have you started an action on the removal of this unlawful application?"
  • We ask our Minister of Health; “As the Ministry, did you advise TCDD“ suspend the right to free transportation for disabled people ”within the scope of measures for pandemic in passenger transportation?
  • We ask our Minister of Justice; “Do you find it illegal to suspend the right of persons with disabilities to free transportation without any change in Law No. 4736 by TCDD?


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  1. The mentality that prevents the disabled people from traveling for free would be the chp mentality only.