Support Applications for Literary Works Begin

support applications for literary works are starting
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Applications for the "first work support" of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the second term of 2020 begin on August 1.

Applications for the Support for Literary Works Project, which aims to produce and publish new and original literary works in the field of Turkish literature by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and to support new authors, will be accepted from 1 August. Applications will continue until the end of August.

In addition to being the "first work of the author", the applications add new dimensions to literature. kazanIt is also among the required qualifications to be original, to be original, not to have been published in any way in the country or abroad, and not to have received any funding before the application or during the implementation of the project.

Publishers With the form they will obtain from the website, the documents specified in the annex will be submitted to the General Directorate.

35 percent of support is paid to the author

Within the scope of the project, publishers can apply twice a year in February and August for the first work support.

The publisher can apply for a maximum of 3 works within the month of application. The supporters are obliged to pay 35 percent of the support provided to the author.

Works applications are evaluated by the Support and Evaluation Board of the Literary Works. Supported publisher is required to print at least a thousand copies of the work within 2 months from the announcement of the board decisions and deliver the stamped 150 copies of the published work to the Ministry on the date specified in the support contract.

The amount of support is paid within the framework of the procedures and principles determined in the relevant regulation after all obligations are fulfilled by the publisher and the printing and delivery processes of the work are completed.

Within the scope of the project, stories, novels and poetry are among the most applied and supported genres.

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