Turkey Hosts the First President Soyer YKS

First LDS Turkey
First LDS Turkey

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, numeric fields, taking full points in Higher Education Institutions Examination (LDS) Izmir, Turkey, which is the first Ceylan and met his family. Stating that they are proud of the success of Eren Ceylan, President Soyer said that they are always ready to support him.

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, who is LDS numeric fields in Turkey who obtained the full points, taking first Ceylan (18), his mother and his father Erduran Ayten Ceylan Tugrul entertained. Mayor Soyer congratulated the champion student, saying that Ceylan, a student of Private Takev Schools Science High School, has achieved great success.

Expressing his feelings during the visit accompanied by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Tugay and Takev Schools Deputy Director Okan Protective, President Soyer said, “The score achieved by Eren Ceylan is a serious success. I congratulate Eren. Something that won't happen to everyone. There is serious labor. There is serious work. ”

"Have a nice trip"

Stating that Ceylan's realization of his dreams will also make them happy, Soyer said: “I do not know how long our life is enough to watch you. But whenever you need it, I would be glad to do so. Your family is always with you but know that we will be happy if we can support you. Have a nice trip. Let your dreams come true. ”

Saying that he wanted to study computer engineering at the university, Eren Ceylan also noted that he was surprised by the score he received. Ceylan said, “I knew I would get a high score, but getting such a high score was also a surprise to me. My biggest dream is to study computer engineering. I am thinking of doing my master's degree abroad. ” Ayten Erduran said that Eren gave them great pride in his success. President Tunç Soyer also gave YKS champion Eren Ceylan a gift for his success.

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