First Deliveries of Şahingöz OD Thermal Cameras to JGK

First delivery of gendarmerie sahingozu od thermal cameras
Photo: DefanceTurk

In the statement made on Twitter, the social media account of the Presidency of Defense Industries, it was stated that the first delivery of Şahingöz OD thermal cameras produced by ASELSAN was made to the Gendarmerie General Command. The explanation in question is as follows:

“The first deliveries of Şahingözü-OD Thermal Cameras were made to JGK. The system, developed by ASELSAN for the detailed identification and surveillance of threats, has a 2nd generation thermal camera and high sensitivity day camera used in day-night and adverse weather conditions. ”

Developed by Turkish defense industry giant ASELSAN, Şahingözü Electro-optic reconnaissance and surveillance system serves various users at home and abroad. The system used by the Gendarmerie General Command units with the Turkish Armed Forces was also integrated into the Cobra TTZAs delivered by Otokar to the Ghana Army. In some of the Cobra's, there is the Aselsan product Şahingözü-OD Electro-Optical Reconnaissance and Surveillance System mounted on the back of the body and the ACAR Surveillance Radar systems of Aselsan product.

A total of 57 pieces of the armored mobile border security vehicle Ateş, which emerged with the combination of Katmerciler and ASELSAN's forces, were produced and delivered. With the Aselsan Acar Land Surveillance Radar and Aselsan Şahingöz OD Electro-Optic Sensor Systems, it can perform day and night reconnaissance surveillance for people and/or vehicles up to a distance of 40 km. In addition, the Firing Range Detection System SEDA (YANKI), which very few countries can produce and use, can detect the enemy and share coordinates with nearby friendly elements.

HAHİNGÖZÜ Electro-Optical Reconnaissance and Surveillance System

The detection of threats in detail using detection, recognition and diagnostic features is the most important function of surveillance systems. For this purpose, ASELSAN has designed the ŞAHİNGÖZÜ System consisting of a 2nd generation Thermal Imaging System and high sensitivity Day Vision Camera that can be used in daytime, nighttime and adverse weather conditions. ŞAHİNGÖZÜ also includes an eye-safe Laser Range Finder, Location Positioning System (GPS) Receiver and Digital Compass, which provides the user with target coordinates and side and elevation angle information. In addition, the high precision Astronomical North Finder is available as an option. The Laser Pointer, which shows the target by pointing to the friendly units with night vision sights, is also optionally included in the system.

ŞAHİNGÖZÜ can be used on three legs and it can be easily integrated into any platform. All functions are controlled via a control unit.

Source: DefenceTurk

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