President Zolan Meets Bus Drivers

president zolan meets bus drivers
president zolan meets bus drivers

Met with the bus drivers serving within the body of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan thanked all the transportation personnel who worked devotedly during the epidemic process.

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan visited Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Bus Management Facilities. To President Osman Zolan, Denizli Transportation A.Ş. Chairman of the Board of Directors Mustafa Gonca, Denizli Transportation Inc., who started his duty recently. General Manager Mustafa Gökoğlan, Transportation Department President Cem Bağcı and accompanying people accompanied him. Mayor Osman Zolan, who attended the in-service training seminar of municipal bus drivers, thanked the Metropolitan Municipality bus drivers who worked devotedly during the new type of coronavirus outbreak. President Osman Zolan said, “Our city and our country were also affected by the epidemic that swept the world. Thank goodness, Denizli and our country stand out from this process well. You have continued your work in this process and served our citizens meticulously. ”

Trainings will continue for the best service

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. Stating that the in-service trainings for their personnel are very important, President Osman Zolan continued: “We have successfully carried out our in-service trainings until today and we will continue to do so. These trainings will continue in order to serve our people in the best way, to ensure the life safety of our passengers and the highest level of life safety of our passengers. ”

“We are one, we are together and the team”

Denizli Transportation Inc. Wishing success to Mustafa Gökoğlan, who was appointed as the General Manager, President Zolan wished that the change of duties would be beneficial. President Zolan said, “I wish success to our new friends. We are one, together and team. If there are beauties here, if we go arm in arm, if we hug together, we strengthen our march if we show our strength to serve each other, our business, our friends, our city and our nation. "May Allah keep us together and always on this path."

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