Fatal train accidents in Turkey, three of the world's average solid

positive train accident in Turkey three times the world average
positive train accident in Turkey three times the world average

Pamukova'da 16 years ago 41 people Commenting on the results of the train accident in the death of Mechanical Engineers Chamber President Yunus beats, this accident, noting that new ones be added, "The restructuring of TCDD with conventional lines and found problems with the YHT line applications is a major cause of accidents and Turkey Mortal train accidents in Turkey are about three times higher than the world average. ”

Chairman of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Yunus Yener stated in a written statement regarding the train accident in Pamukova district of Sakarya, which resulted in 22 deaths and 2004 injuries on July 41, 81, that the abandonment of engineering and technical excellence approach brought new accidents.

Reminding that there were train accidents in Tekirdağ Çorlu and Ankara in 2018 due to the lack of lessons from Pamukova, Yener listed the reasons for these accidents as follows:

“In 2018, 'accidents', which led to the death of 25 people in Tekirdağ Çorlu, 348 injuries and the death of 3 people in Ankara due to the lack of signalization, are the first events that come to mind. Conventional lines and problems found in the TCDD YHT line with the restructuring practice is a major cause of accidents and fatal train accidents in Turkey is approximately three times the world average. "


“In accordance with the restructuring of TCDD, the institution has been dismantled, infrastructure and management have been divided, and a marketist approach has been adopted instead of a public service approach. Engineering services and criteria have been abandoned, infrastructure, maintenance, signaling and electrification investments have been neglected. Maintenance workshops were closed down and immovables and harbors started to be sold. The vocational high school, printing and sewing houses, laundries and pharmacies of the institution were closed, hospitals were disposed of, many stations and workshops were closed or dysfunctional, and many services were started to be taken from subcontractors. ”


“Insecure forms of work have become widespread, much work has been adopted with reduced staff, and political and inadequate staffing has become widespread. The private sector along railway market has been referred to the secondary legislation within the framework of the work for the creation and development of the Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport of Turkey is now in the private sector train operations Official plans and programs. "

Noting that rail transportation has been replaced by road transportation since the 1950s, Yener stated that this transportation could become more advantageous with a correct railway operation and explained the following.

“In 1950, the road passenger transport rate was 49,9 percent; today it is 88,9 percent. Road freight has also increased from 17,1 percent to 88,4 percent. The rate of rail passenger transportation is from 1950 percent in 42,2 to 1 percent; rail freight transport has also declined from 55,1 percent to 4,1 percent. Restoring all lines affecting transport safety, meeting the requirements of electrification and signaling, which have an important role in 'accidents'; out-of-service maintenance and repair shops and re-functioning of all facilities; TCDD should be broken down and dysfunctional, appointments of political cadres and the slaughtering / exile of expert staff at all levels. ”

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