Attention to Highway Hypnosis on the Long Road!

pay attention to highway hypnosis on the long road
pay attention to highway hypnosis on the long road

Continental warns motorists who will go the long way during the Eid al-Adha holiday to take measures against highway hypnosis. Drivers need to get a good sleep before going on a long trip, especially for a safe driving experience without getting caught in highway hypnosis. Different music to listen to on long journeys also supports increasing the concentration of the drivers.

It is vital that drivers who set off on the long road during the Sacrifice Festival should be prepared in accordance with the road conditions, as well as having the necessary vehicle maintenance. 'Highway hypnosis', which is often noted by experts, is simply described as the brain's transition to a trans-like state due to its monotony. At this point, Continental warns drivers to get a good sleep before going on a long journey, especially for a safe driving experience.

Changing the music played in the vehicle frequently increases the concentration

During the highway hypnosis, which is seen especially when driving on long journeys, the driver can continue to perform his functions in the vehicle unconsciously. The slightest mistake that can occur in case of this unconsciousness can cause a major accident. For this reason, while constantly changing the music listened during the journey increases the attention of the driver, Continental stated that opening the windows will renew the air inside the vehicle and take fresh air will keep the mind vigorous;

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