Renault's Leading Car in the First Half of the Year

passenger car leader in the first half of the year renault
passenger car leader in the first half of the year renault

Renault closed the first half of 2020 with 36 sales and 305 market share, leading the passenger car market. The brand, which has been the unchanging leader of the passenger car market for 17,8 years, thus preserved its title in the first half of its 20st year.

In the first 2020 months of 6, Renault achieved 37 market shares with 444 sales in the total market. Renault became the leader of the passenger car market with 14,7 sales and 36 market share.

In the same period, Renault Group achieved a 46 percent share in the total market with 83 sales recorded in the passenger car market. The Group achieved a 22,6 market share in the total market with a sales figure of 49.

The Dacia brand ranked 2020th in the brand ranking, with 11 sales recorded in the first half of 599 and a 4,6 percent share in the total market. Dacia's prominent model, Duster, had a remarkable performance in the C-SUV segment with 8 sales and a 5 segment share.

3 with the first three of Turkey's best-selling car Renault

3 of the best-selling models in the ranking of the first three models produced in Oyak Renault factories in Turkey Clio and Megane HB was Sedan. by OGD "Car of the Year in Turkey" selected New Clio HB, save its launch in February, 2 thousand 10 units sold in the short time since. most preferred models which ranks 659nd in the Clio in Turkey, 2 different models in the B-segment, where HB, saving about five times more than the nearest competitor has announced the sale of its leadership. While the model dominated its segment with Clio IV in the first half of the year, by selling 21 units in total, 17 out of every 268 vehicles sold in the B-HB segment became Clio.

In the first six months of 2020, Megane Sedan achieved 14 segments, with 46 units sold.

“The new Clio HB is in great demand”

Underlining its sustainable success in the passenger car market, Renault Mais General Manager Berk Çağdaş said, “We are very pleased to maintain the passenger car leadership we have achieved for 20 years in the first half of 2020 despite the extraordinary pandemic process we have experienced together. Until today, in order to protect the health of our customers and employees, whose satisfaction we have determined as our primary priority within the framework of OYAK vision; We have taken all kinds of precautions with all our Authorized Dealers since March and we continue to take them. Turkey beginning of the year we offer to the market a new model Clio HB Our figures are also seeing a huge demand, as evidenced by our customers. The fact that the new Clio is the most preferred model in Europe in May * also reveals its global success. Two of Turkey's most preferred first three models of the Renault brand. As a brand that makes domestic production in the locomotive sector of export, we are also pleased with our contribution to increasing the market rate in the market with Megane Sedan and Clio HB produced at OYAK Renault Factories. ”

“Dynamism has come to the automotive market”

Çağdaş also said, “A great dynamism came to the market with the demand postponed in the period of March and April 2020, the tendency to avoid public transport with the effect of a pandemic and the accessible interest conditions. In the second half of the year, if this rhythm continues and there is no possible second wave, we foresee that the market will complete at 650 thousand levels. ”


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