Autonomous Bus Tests Successfully Completed

autonomous bus tests have been successfully completed
autonomous bus tests have been successfully completed

The OTOKAR Autonomous bus, developed by 8 academicians from Istanbul Okan University Faculty of Engineering, researchers of the University's Transportation Technologies and Intelligent Automotive Systems Research and Application Center (UTAS) and doctorate, graduate and undergraduate students working there, successfully passed the tests carried out on the OTOKAR test track. In this project, it was aimed to develop the overtaking algorithm in a certain track, where the bus moves autonomously, stops at the stops, moves after taking the passengers, actively follows it when there is a heavier vehicle in front of it, and the vehicle in front can suddenly stop or brake when a pedestrian exits.

OTOKAR bus which is primarily in Turkey Okan University in Istanbul just 64-channel, real-time capable 2,2 million points per second was made by a lidar mapping study. Trajectory tracking was provided precisely with both map and sensitive GPS. While the vehicle has nearly 4 sensors including 6 lidar and 20 cameras, these sensors can detect the bus environment precisely.

OTOKAR Bus, developed with advanced software and hardware systems in our UTAS laboratories, is now ready to host its passengers in the most comfortable and safe way with autonomous driving on certain routes. UTAS will be one of the leading universities in the world in autonomous and communicating vehicle fields and support our industry with its new project OPINA (Open Innovation Autonomous Vehicle Development and Test Platform) infrastructure.


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