Good News from Minister Pekcan on Loan Structuring for Tradesmen and Craftsmen

ministry of credit structuring for tradesmen and craftsmen
ministry of credit structuring for tradesmen and craftsmen

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan explained that tradesmen and craftsmen have structured the followers of the loans they use through the Credit and Guarantee Cooperatives.

In his written statement, Pekcan drew attention to the fact that they attach great importance to artisans and craftsmen, who are the "pillars" of economic and social life.

Stating that they have received the demands and suggestions of tradesmen and craftsmen in both consultation meetings and other organizations, Pekcan emphasized that they are working hard to solve the problems and are followers of their demands.

Pekcan, tradesmen and craftsmen, to facilitate access to finance for the purpose of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Credit and Guarantee Cooperatives (ESKKK), pointing through the fulfillment of collateral and credit needs, across Turkey as of today, Turkey Tradesmen and Craftsmen Credit and Guarantee Cooperatives Central Union (TESKOMB) under the roof in 1000 He noted that nearly 1,7 million tradesmen and tradesmen were using low interest loans from Halkbank sources.

Reminding that the “Economic Stability Shield” package has been announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in order to protect the traders from the negative effects of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) pandemic that affects the whole world, Pekcan stated that various measures were taken by public institutions and organizations and many supports were put into effect within this framework. he.

Within the scope of these measures, Pekcan stated that “Business Loan” and “Tradesman Credit Card” applications under the name of “Tradesman Support Package” were implemented by Halkbank in order to provide financing opportunities to tradesmen and craftsmen who suffer from cash flow. He stated that loan repayments to Halkbank were postponed for 24 months without interest.

Configuring follow-up loans

The outbreak of the impact on commercial activities of a pandemic is the first day out in Turkey since caution that evaluation, craftsmen and other institutions under the coordination of the Ministry of Commerce of the proposal with the demands of artists and organizations with the shared, that there had been closely following the developments Referring Pekcan, said:

“In this process, there was an expectation that the partners of Credit and Guarantee Cooperatives also provided the opportunity to configure for cooperative loans that were followed. In the face of this situation, a study was carried out by taking the opinion of our Ministry regarding the restructuring of the debts that were followed by TESKOMB for cooperative follow-up. As a result of this work, we structure the followers of the loans used by our tradesmen and craftsmen through the Credit and Guarantee Cooperatives. ”

Scope of the configuration

According to this, Pekcan stated that tradesmen and artisans who were transferred to the credit debt cooperative follow-up before June 30, 2020 (including this date) could benefit from the restructuring if they applied to the Credit Bail Cooperative in writing and requested structuring.

Minister Pekcan pointed out that with this practice, it may be possible to improve the debt of approximately 220 thousand tradesmen and craftsmen, together with the debtor and their guarantors, and to reduce the delay interest of approximately 2 million TL.

Pointing out that this arrangement is a very important opportunity provided to the partners of the cooperatives' cooperatives with the spirit of solidarity and solidarity, Pekcan said, “I wish this practice will be beneficial to the tradesmen and craftsmen of our economy and to the whole cooperative community.” used expressions.

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