'Customs Union' Messages from Minister Pekcan

minister of the silver union messages
minister of the silver union messages

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan recently provided information on their contacts with some countries, especially the EU, and their talks with videoconference within the framework of new types of coronavirus (Kovid-19) measures.

Government with the digitalization of relevant studies pointed out that a very important Pekcan, virtual trade mission to Turkey and said virtual exhibition is organized by the Ministry of Commerce adapt very quickly.

Reminding that they maintained their contacts with countries through virtual trade delegation, virtual fairs and teleconferences during the Kovid-19 epidemic period, Pekcan stated that they had intense discussions on updating the Customs Union Agreement with the EU.

Emphasizing that he met with the EU ambassadors twice and that the countries are in consultation with the chamber of commerce, Pekcan said:

“Everyone's opinion is common, this Customs Union Agreement is now inadequate. The scope of new generation free trade agreements (STA) is very wide. The EU has signed these agreements with third countries, our Customs Union Agreement has lagged behind the STAs of these countries. At this point they still give us rights. At the moment, politics is put aside, if there is only focus on economy and trade, there is no reason not to do this. Because EU business people also need it. ”

Pekcan Minister, referring to the process of leaving the United Kingdom known as Brexit from the EU, Turkey has continued the process after this country was going FTA negotiations and expressed very positive.

Kovid-19 after the change predictions in the international supply chain and Turkey on the Pekcan the question of how you can benefit from this change, the world's large supplier in which it is no longer cheap labor as before in China, has announced that the minimum wage as close to Turkey.

Due to the escalation of labor in China has recently shifted investments from China, Taiwan and Vietnam striking Pekcan, Turkey was told I was lucky in this regard.

Stating that the economies in that region are integrated into China, Pekcan said, “We are continuing our efforts towards how we can get out of this process in the most profitable way. Our task is to improve the investment environment, to facilitate it and to be predictable. We take our steps in this matter and we try to invite the investor and explain the incentives and opportunities we provide. ” found the assessment.

Pekcan stated that they provide high value-added production and export-oriented supports, have implemented specialized free zones to attract investment focused on export and technology, and will offer many tax exemptions as well as supports such as rent and qualified employment.

Minister Pekcan said, “Now we have another collaboration with our Ministry of Industry and Technology. We are working to give some of their support to specialized free zones. ” used expressions.

Emphasizing that Singapore, South Korea and China provided digitalization with specialized free zones, Pekcan said:

“We have defined our free zone at Atatürk Airport as the 'specialist free zone' and determined our first priority sector as informatics. We also plan to include nanotechnology here, as in the Far East examples. With the “Technology Oriented Industry Move” program of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, these works of our Ministry overlap exactly, and we conduct joint studies. ”

Expressing that they are conducting policies to encourage high-tech production and exports, Pekcan stated that this is also needed for the increase in the export unit price.

Günceleme: 05/07/2020 11:58

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