Minister Karaismailoğlu Opened Erzurum Airport CAT3 System

minister Karaismailoglu erzurum airport opened the cat system
minister Karaismailoglu erzurum airport opened the cat system

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, regarding the “CAT 3A” system installed at Erzurum Airport, “Now it will be possible to land on the Erzurum Airport runway safely even when visibility is very limited due to fog.” said.

Minister Karaismailoğlu, who came to Erzurum for various contacts, attended the opening of the CAT 3A system established at Erzurum Airport in order to prevent flight cancellations due to fog.

Minister Karaismailoğlu, who was welcomed by the water bridge formed by firefighters at the landing of the new runway at the airport by the ministry plane, held a press conference before the opening.

Karaismailoğlu Minister, in his speech here, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that in 18 years a major transportation moves resolutely continued.

“If there is infrastructure, there is life”

Expressing that they have changed the face of land, iron, sea and airways with giant projects that have opened a new era in this field in the country, Karaismailoğlu said:

“If there is infrastructure, there is employment, trade, education and civilization. In short, if there is infrastructure, there is life. Today we are having a happy day in Erzurum. Erzurum is a province with a strategic location on the Caucasus corridor opening to Europe and Central Asia. Erzurum, located on the Iran-Trabzon trade route, is also a high-potential trade and industrial center. Therefore, every project that will strengthen Erzurum in the field of transportation is very important for us. ”

Karaismailoğlu stated that the citizens of Erzurum are producing projects in order to have a higher quality of life and a world-class transportation network, and that he closely follows the ongoing projects in the city.

Expressing that citizens encounter undesirable situations, especially due to the planes that cannot land at Erzurum Airport in winter conditions, Karaismailoğlu said:

“Erzurum people were waiting for a solution to their grievances. In this context, we have started working on the construction of CAT 3A, which provides a safe landing for the planes including Erzurum Airport, including the heavy fog, and has successfully concluded this as of today. We laid asphalt again on our 3 810 meters long and 45 meters wide track. As the engines of our Air Force planes are closer than civilian planes, we have covered our runway, taking into account the demand to use geocomposite materials of foreign origin. ”

Airplanes will land in Erzurum easily even in the heavy fog in winter

Explaining that they have completed the entire asphalt process of the runway on July 16, Karaismailoğlu said that they have established the electrical system on July 25.

Stating that they have replaced all special lighting fixtures with new ones, Karaismailoğlu said, “It will be possible to land safely on the Erzurum Airport runway even when visibility is very limited due to fog.” said.

Karaismailoğlu, as the Ministry, explained the investments they have made in the city so far and said: “We have spent approximately 11 billion 412 million Turkish Liras on Erzurum's transportation and communication infrastructure. Erzurum, which has only 2003 kilometers of divided roads in 49, is 561 kilometers of current divided roads. We connected Erzurum to Erzincan and Ağrı with a 611 kilometers divided road, from where to where. Of course, we do not leave our work here. Our road construction works continue on 20 different routes. ” used expressions.

After the speeches, Minister Karaismailoğlu opened the runway, where the CAT 3A system was installed by cutting ribbon with the Governor Okay Memiş, Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, AK Party Erzurum deputies Recep Akdağ and Selami Altınok.

Minister Karaismailoğlu then examined the track with his accompanying people, received information from the authorities.

AK Party Provincial President Mehmet Emin Öz, MHP Provincial President Naim Karataş, institution directors and district mayors also attended the opening.

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