LPG Vehicle Owners Wait for the Prohibition of Parking Lots to be Abolished

LPG vehicle owners are waiting for the parking garage to be lifted
LPG vehicle owners are waiting for the parking garage to be lifted

LPG conversion systems produced with the 'ECER 67.01' standard implemented in the European Union (EU) and in our country secure the vehicles with sealing, external impacts and fire tests. With the introduction of the ECER 67.01 standard, there is no obstacle to the purchase of parking garages of LPG vehicles in EU member countries, while the ban on parking garages continues in our country. This obstacle in front of LPG vehicles that are supported all over the world due to its environmental and economic affects negatively affects 4 million 770 thousand LPG vehicle owners. No steps have yet been taken regarding the 'Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire' announced by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization last year.

Environmentalists and supported by government incentives all over the world with its economic composed LPG vehicles are only applied in Turkey's indoor parking ban 'negatively affected due. The amendment to the Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire, which was announced last year by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, which prevents LPG vehicles from entering the parking lots, is eagerly awaited by the owner of the vehicle with 4 million 770 thousand LPGs.


LPG vehicles are equipped with equipment conforming to the 'ECER 67.01' standard set by the European Union, therefore, LPG fuel of LPG vehicles in EU member countries

Noting that there is no obligation to carry a label indicating that they are using it, and that the parking lot ban has been canceled many years ago, Independent Liquid Petroleum Gas Sellers Kit Dealers and Autogas Dealers Association (MUSLPGDER) Chairman Av. Ahmet slowly, "the EC is 67.01 standard is applied as mandatory in the EU member countries and Turkey. While European vehicles that have been subjected to the same safety tests can use parking garages, the parking ban in our country continues. We are not only supporting vehicles with LPG with the ban on parking garage applied in our country, we are a shackle. ”


MUSLPGDER Chairman Av., Who explains the security features of the 'ECER 67.01' standard applied in LPG conversion systems. Ahmet Yavaşçı said, “The equipment used in vehicles with LPG consists of approved products that have been tested in all kinds. Safety and security coefficients are very high. The multi-valve on the tank controls the gas output from the tank. There are overflow valves on this multi-valve, which automatically stops the gas flow as a result of the accidental rupture of the outlet pipes. In addition, when the ignition of the vehicle is turned off, an electric valve automatically closes the gas outlet and ensures its safety. ” Stating that the leak tightness measures of LPG vehicles are controlled both by authorized technical engineers of the companies performing the installation and by TÜV-TÜRK, Ahmet Yavaşçı, 67,5 mm 'DIN EN 3' steel, in accordance with the burst pressure of 10120 Bar which is far above the working pressure of LPG fuel tanks. He underlined that it is made of sheet metal.


In order to enter LPG vehicles in underground car park is the largest alternative fuel systems in the world that sort applications performed worldwide manufacturer brc'n's Turkey CEO Kadir Knitter, "academic Located in the US National Health Library Studies and the European Union's indoor parking According to the standards it has set for, the applications required for the vehicles with LPG to use the parking garages safely are a simple

The ventilation system and vehicles are limited by the safety valve specified in the ECER 67.10 standard. Thanks to the ventilation device called jet ventilation system, LPG gas in the air does not pose any danger since the environment is constantly changing air even if there is a possible leak. Thanks to this system, which is easy to apply, exhaust gases accumulated in indoor parking lots are easily discharged. Fresh air is provided in closed spaces where vehicles such as shopping malls are frequently moving, ”he said.

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