Every Day, 30 Bikes Are Damaged In Kocaeli!

average bicycle is damaged every day in Kocaeli
average bicycle is damaged every day in Kocaeli

The Kocaeli Smart Bicycle System KOBİS, which has been initiated by the Department of Transportation as an alternative transportation service for urban public transportation since 2014, is being repaired within Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Every day, 30 bicycles damaged by citizens are repaired and delivered to stations.


Kocaeli SME Bicycle System "SME" was established in 2014 to facilitate access to the city, to create intermediate opportunities that nurture public transportation systems, and to encourage the use of an environmental and sustainable means of transportation. Spreading to 5 districts in 12 years, KOBIS serves citizens with 71 stations, 864 Smart Parking Units and 520 Smart Bicycles. Having 135 thousand 223 members, KOBİS has become the most used means of transportation by citizens.


Bicycles and stations damaged at KOBIS stations, which are available 7/24, are repaired at the Bicycle and Station Maintenance and Repair Workshop established by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department. An average of 30 bicycles and stations damaged by citizens and equipment for smart parking units are also repaired in this workshop.


Station and bicycle repairs are performed regularly by expert technicians. It immediately intervenes in the faults experienced at the stations. Bicycles damaged in 12 districts are collected by teams and brought to the workshop. Bikes coming to the workshop are repaired by technicians. The parts that need to be replaced are replaced by craftsmen. Repaired bikes are tested at the sample station in the workshop. Bicycles tried by the masters are then taken to the stations for the use of citizens on the track in the workshop.


It is monitored 12/71 in 864 Stations, 520 Smart Parking Units and 7 Smart Bicycles, Bicycle and Station maintenance and repair workshops in 24 districts. Legal action is initiated against citizens who damage stations and Smart Parking Units followed by cameras. Reminding that bicycles are public goods, the authorities asked that citizens should be careful while using bicycles and that bicycles should not be used and damaged like their own goods.

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