Digitalization Support for SMEs Up to 1 Million Liras

digitalization support for SMEs up to million liras
digitalization support for SMEs up to million liras

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank announced KOSGEB's Call for Digitalization in the Manufacturing Industry. Noting that the new call under the KOBİGEL-SME Development Support Program will be open until September 17, Minister Varank said, “We will support our businesses up to 1 million lira in areas such as big data, internet of things, smart sensors, industrial robot technologies, and augmented reality. Companies that use digital technologies in the best way will begin to outstrip their competitors. ” said.


Minister Varank laid the foundation of the Beta Chemistry Gebkim Campus, which will be the largest adhesive and glue production facility in the Middle East and Eastern Europe when completed. Speaking at the ceremony in Kocaeli Gebze, Varank announced that the facility will create 315 new jobs with an investment of 500 million liras.

A FLOATING WORK: We took this weekend fundamentals of the automobile factory of Turkey. Since the beginning of the year, the foundation of any other factory in this field in the world has not been laid. We are carrying out a groundbreaking job, despite the fact that investments on the epidemic are reduced on a global basis. We will contribute to the transformation of our country's supplier industry by implementing an electrical and connected mobility ecosystem that does not pollute the environment.

A VISION BEYOND THE CAR Europe's first and only electrically born SUV model will be on the road in our last quarter of 2022. You may have followed the foreign press for the last few days. Photos taken from the groundbreaking day are served as the photo of the day. This business is truly a vision that goes beyond producing a car; has the mission of preparing our country for a smart future.

120 MILLION DOLLAR IMPORT WILL PREVENT IMPORT: Today, we are performing another first. A new breath comes to the chemical industry. Polyurethane Reactive Hotmelt Adhesive Products and their different derivatives, which we have always imported, will be produced in our country for the first time. Thus, an important input of the packaging, automotive, furniture, construction, defense and aviation industries will be provided domestically. In the medium term, an import of 120 million dollars will be prevented.

2.1 BILLION TL INVESTMENT: Another visionary policy we put into practice during this period was the Technology Oriented Industry Move Program. With this program we launched last year, we aim to localize and add value-added production in critical sectors, both to improve domestic capabilities and to increase our competitive power in global markets. We made the first call in the machinery industry. We have determined 22 projects with high added value, and an investment of 2.1 billion lira is envisaged for these projects.

SMART DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES: Perhaps the only plus of the pandemic was that we realized how quickly we could adapt to digitization. In the new period, we will witness the penetration of smart digital technologies more intensely in all areas of life. Of course, the manufacturing industry is not independent from this. Companies that use digital technologies in the best way will begin to outstrip their competitors.

MORE SIGNIFICANT HISTORY: Based on this, we launched a call for “Digitalization in Manufacturing Industry” last year through KOSGEB to improve the digital capabilities of our SMEs. The program received a request far beyond our expectations. Within the scope of the call, we provided 258 SMEs with 72 million pounds of digitalization support. Our SMEs continue their projects that they started with this support. This visionary call has become much more meaningful with the pandemic.

NEW CALL: In the new period, I want to give a good news to encourage our SMEs in the field of digitalization. Today, we are starting a new call for “Digitalization in Manufacturing Industry” supports within the scope of KOSGEB KOBIGEL. Our aim here is to both expand the inventory of technology developer SMEs and increase the number of our companies using these technologies.

OPEN TO SEPTEMBER 17: In the fields of big data, internet of things, smart sensors, industrial robot technologies, augmented reality, we will support our businesses up to 1 million pounds. Our call is open until September 17. Our SMEs can apply to this call, which is a kind of competition procedure, via e-Government. We plan to announce the call results and the companies to be supported at the end of November. Good luck already.

129 THOUSAND NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: You are following, there is a strong recovery in economic indicators. In June alone, 421 new industrial enterprises were established. This number corresponds to a 91 percent increase compared to the same period last year. In the first half of the year, 606 production facilities started operating in our OIZs. In the first half of the year, we issued an incentive certificate for the private sector's 84 billion lira fixed investment. By breaking 859 investment incentive certificates in June, we broke the monthly document record in our incentive history. When these investments are completed, more than 129 thousand citizens will have new job opportunities.


Who attended the ceremony video conference Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, Turkey's disassociating from other countries after the pandemic, industry capacity, stating that it will continue its way with the human capital and dynamism, "high-tech, all value-added production and exports in our country need to remove the high-income countries level we will take the steps. ” said.

Pekcan stated that the chemical industry is one of the sectors that export the most to exports, with an increase of 2019 percent in 29, with 24,5 billion dollars. “It will continue to be one of our locomotive sectors in exports. Our Chemical Industry is one of the strategic sectors in the export master plan. As the Ministry, we will continue increasing our support to this sector. ” spoke in the form.

Groundbreaking for the said factory in Gebze Chemical Specialized Industrial Zones in Turkey's value-added and technology-driven growth of the region in their area that overlaps with the perspective pointing Pekcan be one of the largest facilities, "Both Turkey in the production of products made imports with open will create added value for both will export to new markets. In our country, it will provide domestic input to sectors in many fields such as automotive, construction and defense industry, and employ 500 people. ” used expressions.


TİM President İsmail Gülle stated that after the pandemic period, it will not be like before the world order, “We have to increase our exports. We have big goals. We need serious investments. ” he spoke.


Adil Pelister, Chairman of the BETA Chemistry Board, said that with 100 percent domestic capital, they laid the foundation of the most modern chemical plant in the near geography, and that the plant will have an annual production capacity of 150 thousand tons when completed.

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