Kizilirmak Street Pedestrian Overpass Started Service

kizilirmak street started to serve the pedestrian upper passage
kizilirmak street started to serve the pedestrian upper passage

The pedestrian overpass, which was completed on the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Kızılırmak Street, started to serve. Citizens who have difficulty crossing the road will take a breath with the new overpass.

Metropolitan Municipality completed the construction of the pedestrian overpass with escalators and elevators that it started on Kızılırmak Street, where pedestrian deaths were experienced during crossings, and put it into service. The last touch-up overpass connects the Kızılarık and the Welcoming neighborhoods, ensuring safe passage of citizens.


Antalya Metropolitan Municipality made a medium-fenced wire fence work in January to prevent uncontrolled passage of pedestrians on Kızılırmak Street, one of the busiest roads in the city where pedestrian deaths occurred. Increasing the measures for the safe passage of pedestrians, the Metropolitan Municipality built an overpass with escalators on the street. The pedestrian overpass is completed by the Department of Science Affairs and provides 4 escalators and two elevators for disabled and elderly citizens.


Kızılarık Neighborhood Headman Murat Kılınç stated that the overpass will prevent the sad events from happening. Kılınç said, “The overpass will provide safe passage for pedestrians between Kızılarık and Konuksever neighborhoods. It will provide convenience especially to the citizens who go to the Saturday Market in the Konuksever District. Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin BöcekI would like to thank ' and all the employees.

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