Karşıyaka A New Breath to the Beach

A New Breath to Karsiyaka Beach
A New Breath to Karsiyaka Beach

Within the scope of the coastal arrangement project implemented by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Karşıyaka the beach took on a brand new face. With its sports and activity areas, playgrounds, water gardens, mini pond and recreation areas, arrangements that appeal to İzmir residents from all age groups received great acclaim.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Karşıyaka The area, which was completed as part of the 1st Stage Coastal Arrangement works, became one of the city's new attractions. Karşıyaka The 2,1 km coastline between the Sailing Club and Alaybey Shipyard has turned into an area where green areas meet the sea, where residents of different age groups can both relax, have fun and do sports. Within the scope of the arrangements, while the existing tree texture was preserved in the section between Alaybey Shipyard and Atatürk, Mother and Women's Rights Monument, new trees were planted and picnic and recreation areas were created. Equipped with sports equipment suitable for different levels for those who want to play mini football, basketball court, table tennis and outdoors, Alaybey beach has gained the admiration of sports fans.

There is also a thematic garden

Karşıyaka From Sailing Club to Atatürk, Mother and Women's Rights Monument Karşıyaka Within the scope of 1st Stage coastal arrangement, squares, playgrounds, sports and activity areas, dog park, skateboard park, water gardens, mini pond and recreation areas were created. The Wedding Hall, Human Rights and Ferry Pier squares have been reorganized. Thematic garden consisting of trees, bushes and groundcovers existing in the climate zone of the Aegean Karşıyakawas brought to. In the garden, recreation areas were created between paths and a variety of plants. By creating an open workshop space, planting-planting and seed workshops were organized.

24 thousand square meter grass and shrub area

4 children's playgrounds, one skateboard park, 2 dog playgrounds, 299 vehicle parking areas, 2 mini football fields, 2 basketball fields, 2 WCs, 2 kilometers of promenade along the coast, suitable for use by children with disabilities. 11 shades, one wooden viewing hill, 5 reflection pools, 4 dry pools and bicycle track areas were created. During the coastal arrangement, while the existing tree texture was preserved, this texture was enriched with new trees and plants. A grass and bush area of ​​24 thousand square meters was reserved. Species that were least affected by salt damage and consuming as little water as possible were preferred. A jogging path was made throughout the area using natural material. Pedestrian and bicycle paths have been renewed.

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