KARDEMİR will produce 200 thousand railway castors

turkey railway wheel will have refers to the production
turkey railway wheel will have refers to the production

Turkey, the world's leading manufacturer of railway Karabük Iron and Steel Works Co. (Kardemir) by 200 thousand units per year with production of railway wheels will have reason to mention it takes. In the statement included in the KARDEMİR 2019 Annual Report, it is stated that projects with a budget of approximately 42 million TL continue.

Having the IATF 16949 covering the international technical requirements of the automotive industry and ISO TS 22163 (IRIS) International Railway Industry Standard Management System certificates, which provide quality and reliability in the railway industry, the company has suppliers and universities with global production techniques that supply products to the automotive, defense industry and railway sectors. In the statement, which is stated to be in close cooperation, “Within the scope of our recent efforts to develop new products, the production of quality steels used in the automotive industry in the production of fasteners in the rod and coil rolling mill with a production capacity of 831 thousand 600 tons / year has been successfully completed. Our production of quality steel and high carbon steel, which the industry uses in the production of suspension springs, has been introduced to the commercial market. ”

It is stated in the statement that one of the most important targets of the company, which is a member of SAHA Istanbul, which operates to contribute to the development of the defense, aviation and space sector and to increase the share of domestic production in this field, and to create a global competitive advantage, is to produce steels used in the defense industry with strategic importance. Our company, which has developed collaborations with the Defense Industry Presidency and all the representatives of the sector, was produced in the form of coils in the form of coils, which are used in the manufacturing of various wear resistant parts of the industry. Our aim is to contribute to the national survival as the first integrated iron and steel factory of our country and to serve to increase the nationalization rates reaching 70 percent in the defense industry. ”

The statement, which emphasized that the factory started production of BA318 type railway wheels in November 2019 and that it made its first export to Europe besides its domestic sales, included the following statements.

To contribute 150 million Euros in target exports

“Our company will produce 120 thousand railway wheels, 40 thousand of which are freight trains, 20 thousand of passenger trains, 20 thousand of locomotives and 200 thousand of light rail system wheels. Middle Eastern and North African countries, especially European countries such as Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, France, are among our target markets where most of our wheel production capacity will be exported. In the first plan, it is aimed to prevent the imports of railway wheels on average of 10 thousand annually and about 8 million euros annually, and to contribute approximately 150 million euros annually to the export of our country at full capacity. The production of BA004 type railway wheels continues. Our 38Sİ7 quality coil productions, which are suitable for the rail clip production used by the railway industry and connect the rails with the concrete sleeper, have been successfully completed in our rod coil production facilities and mass production has started. ”

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