New Parking Lot for 332 Vehicles in İzmir

new parking garage for izmire
new parking garage for izmire

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is intervening in the regions with traffic density and parking problems in the city. Opening an alternative connection road from Yeşildere Caddesi to Vezirağa region, Büyükşehir created a parking area of ​​332 vehicles adjacent to the shopping center in Gaziemir.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to find solutions to key points where intense vehicle traffic and parking problem occur. The construction of a new car park, which was started simultaneously with the asphalt renewal works on Gaziemir Akçay Street, one of the busiest streets of the city, and completed on the empty land adjacent to the shopping center in the region, has been completed. In the parking lot, where a total of 332 vehicles, 40 bicycles and motorcycles can benefit, 16 disabled parking spaces were reserved. Within the scope of the construction works of the new car park, where 6 electric vehicles can be used at the same time, key parquet was laid on an area of ​​approximately 10 thousand square meters and sidewalks were built around the parking lot for pedestrians. The parking lot, which will greatly ease the parking problem and traffic density in the region, is planned to be opened in a short time.

Landscaping is complete in Vezirağa

Pavement and parquet works for the new alternative road connecting the Çaldıran neighborhoods of Lale, İZBETON, which was founded by the Metropolitan Municipality, to Yeşildere Avenue, have also been completed. Landscaping works in the region were completed by manufacturing 2 thousand 300 square meters of grass parquet and one thousand 314 meters of pavement. Hot asphalt casting works on the road are also expected to be completed within a week.

Works at Mürselpaşa continue at full speed

Studies are continuing for the new connection road that will connect the side road of Mürselpaşa Boulevard, which is one of the busiest points in İzmir, to the Food Market. While asphalt pouring and landscaping works continue in the construction of the side road, ground preparation works are also continuing on the new road.

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